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Ambushed By The Migraine From Hell

August 6th, 2002 - 12:08 a.m.

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Ants are evil friggers, I swear. I keep seeing them all over the place and I life on the 23rd freaking floor. There's one that keeps wandering over my computer screen from time to time for some reason...I'm not entirely sure why. Because Ants are evil Friggers who like to torment me, that's why!

GI Joe is weird. Very weird. I remember not watching this much, I think I can see why. Everybody's Melting, Mellll-ting!

In five more days, I'm going home! Whee! I can't wait. Really. I really *really* want this to be over with. I swear to god, I'm going to start packing tomorrow. Because I can and because the sooner I'm packed, the sooner I can go home. Or something. I had these plans for Monday, but they were scrapped because of the Migraine from Hell. Before I talk about that though, I should probably mention my weekend. Especially since the weekend activities are directly related to the Migraine from Hell.

So Saturday we went horseback riding as one of the last events of the year (there's only one more now that this weekend is over with). I went and because I've been riding before, they put me on a high-strung horse and stuck me at the end of the line; far, far away from the guides. There was two times when I seriously regretted this fact. The first time was when we were on the road on the way to the trail and the horse thought I was putting my heels into his sides or something and decided to bolt out of the line of horses. I stopped the horse okay though and held him to wait for the line to pass. Then, on the way back was when the scary part happened. We were on the road back to the stables when the horse saw something on the side of the road that it didn't like and got spooked. So it decided to go away from the thing it didn't like into the other lane of the road...Which happened to be right onto the path of an oncoming car! It was not a happy thing. I was almost surreally calm about it though and very quickly steered the horse back into the lane that was car-free and then stopped the horse. So that was the only semi-bad thing. I'm still alive, the horse didn't kill me or anything, so that's good. My legs were really wobbly and noodle-y when I had to get off the horse though. I'm still feeling the aches and pains from the unaccustomed exercise even two days later. I guess I'd do it again, but it seemed kind of short. It was definately long enough for me to feel the pangs of exercise one isn't used to doing though. We were back early though, which was nice.

Sunday was not fun. There was this BBQ thing scheduled and the only nice thing was I got to sleep in until noon for it. I was constantly busy from 2:30 to 9:30pm with BBQ-related things. It really sucked. And from pretty much after 7:30 the only thing I was busy doing was waiting for the coals in the grill to stop being hot and cleaning the frigging thing. So I don't know what exactly, but the combination of sun, heat, and BBQ smoke most likely gave me the most horrific migraine I've had in recent memory. It struck about an hour after I got home and it was a doozy. The pain was so bad that I felt like crying and I was so close to being physically ill that I actually spent time looking at the toilet bowl on my knees. And don't even get me started on how light affected me. Well, just a little bit...the slightest bit of light was extremely pain-inducing. It wasn't fun at all. So I did everything I could think of to get it to go away. I went to bed early (11 pmish) after putting something on my head. That didn't work and at about 2 am I gave in to the pain and took a shower. It helped minorly, but after the shower was over there was much pain and unhappiness. So then I went back to bed and didn't set my alarm because I was under the impression that the slightest alarm-type noise would be enough to make me want to kill myself. This meant that I slept until something like 12:30 pm, completely screwing up my plans for the day. My headache didn't completely go away until something like 3 pm, so I guess I'm just glad I didn't have to go to work, even though I had planned on it. So that's pretty much it. It's getting pretty close to 2:30 am now so I'm going to go to bed. Work tomorrow. Blech. But at least I'll be free on the 11th...whee!

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