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The Weekend From Hell

July 9th, 2002 - 12:47 a.m.

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I haven't updated in 6 days. I just had the weekend from hell. I never get any time off, I swear to god I'm going to snap before this month is over with. I'm going to go completely nuts and will have to take a semester or year off just to deal with the mental anguish this job is putting me through.

Thursday was nice because I got to sleep in and I didn't have to go in to the office (since it was closed), but I had to take a group down to a place by the museum for the parade, concert, and fireworks. The parade was *really* boring and lame, they had some of the worst acts for the concert, and we missed most of the fireworks because we left about half way through Brian McKnight. We had to leave because they only had one little trailer kind of thing to supply bathrooms to *everyone* there and the line was like 100 people long. Plus it was hot so you had to have a lot to drink (thus necessitating the need for the bathroom) or pass out from heat exhaustion and dehydration. Obviously, this was *not* something that was well thought-out. I did see part of the fireworks though because of the whole debacle with the bus. The bus stopped on the 30th St. bridge to let some people off and while we were stopped there, a van from the lane next to us hit us. Of course, that immediately put the bus out of service and we all had to get transfers, get off the bus, and wait until the driver could literally flag down the next bus to go home. It wasn't the best experience ever and rather disappointing in actuality.

Oh, then came the joy that was Friday. Within five minutes after I set foot in the office, I get a phone call from my boss. She tells me that we have roughly double the amount of people coming on the trip Saturday as there are seats for in the two buses and that it is imperative that I desperately scramble around and get some more. So Friday was one big long day of crisis after crisis and running around like crazy trying to get everything ready and paid for for the weekend.

And the weekend was *such* fun too. First, on Saturday the annoyance that was the trip to the Poconos. There were people left and right asking if they could be included, the headache of getting them all on the bus, making sure that my numbers were correct...the nasty surprise of 13 extra people who wanted to go rafting once we got there, and the time we had trying to get everybody back on the bus to go back home. Of course we were later getting back than we were supposed to be, something that didn't really surprise me given what had happened last time. On the minisculely plus side, however, the few hours when it was just me and the counselors was nice.

Then came Sunday. Sunday was a mix of not fun and okay. The part where they overbooked the buses AGAIN, and where we had to squeeze people 3 to a seat until the buses were uncomfortably full was not fun. Nor was the part where we had to wait almost half an hour longer than when we were originally supposed to leave for one student out of like 150 to find us. I did have lunch with the counselors at The Cheesecake Factory though. That was pretty good, and it took two hours which killed nearly half of the time I was supposed to spend in the mall. That was a plus considering the fact that I didn't particularly have anything I wanted to buy anyway. I did buy stuff in the mall though...not much, just two items, but I still spent too much money.

That brings us to today. After the weekend I had, I wasn't willing to face work again, so I didn't set my alarm today and I didn't go into work until nearly 2 pm, only to find a daunting and overwhelming amount of it waiting for me to deal with...and naturally all of it had to be dealt with immediately. Ugh. I don't want to think about any of this anymore. I'm going to bed...assuming I can ever get all the way through my damn e-mail that is.

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