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The Scorpion King

April 26th, 2002 - 12:35 a.m.

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Certain individuals had suggested that a stress-free period of time might be beneficial to my mental health. Since there was more than one person and they weren't communicating about me behind my back (or were they?) I decided to take their advice and this evening I went to the movies. Well, first of all I went to the bookstore to read for a bit. I finished this one hardcover book I'd read part of previously. It wasn't too bad of a book, and I bought others online earlier because I apparently had an urge to spend money, but that's not the point. I was going to tell you about the movie after all.

I went and saw "The Scorpion King" tonight. I was less than thrilled with it. Perhaps I was expecting something different with this movie, or perhaps I just wasn't willing to suspend my disbelief enough to make this movie enjoyable. Instead I spent almost the entire movie criticizing the film in my head. They had such trite lines in this movie. "I make my own destiny" indeed. Bah. To some extent I was pre-disposed not to like this movie anyway. I wasn't entirely certain how much I was going to like the third movie in the "Mummy" series, especially since there's no mummy in this movie and there's only a very tenuous connection between the third and the other two. There's no connection whatsoever between the first one and this one and there's only a slight connection between The Mummy Returns & The Scorpion King based on the flashbacks in The Mummy Returns which just "happen" to have the Scorpion King in it.

I was really expecting something that wasn't a prequel to the scenes/story explained in The Mummy Returns, but that's what it was. And that annoyed me. To be fair, I did think that Dwayne Johnson did a decent job for what is part was. His part wasn't that great, but I think it was a good part for him and he did it well. That said, this movie was bad. I guess if all you wanted to see was eye candy of both sexes mixed with some violence then this movie is for you. But otherwise, I wouldn't really recommend it. The dialogue was awful. It made me cringe at times it was so trite. And there wasn't the previous supernatural element to this movie that the other two had. Nor were there really any of the special effects of the previous two. Except for the flaming swords part. That was pretty cool. The heavy sprinkling of Biblical/ancient references that shouldn't be mixed together and/or didn't make sense mixed together was kind of annoying too. Sodom & Gomorrah? Please. Anyway, except for the flaming swords & the eye candy...go watch Conan the Barbarian or something. It wasn't really worth the money and I didn't like it.

degringolade (n. day-gran-guh-LAHD)

: a rapid decline or deterioration (as in strength, position, or condition) : downfall

If degringolade looks French to you, you have a good eye. We lifted this noun directly from French, and even in English, it retains an element of Frenchness -- it's often styled, as in French, with an acute accent over the first e. The French noun in turn comes from the verb degringoler (to tumble down), which itself derives from the Middle French desgringueler (from des-, meaning down, and gringueler, meaning to tumble). Although degringolade maintains the sense of a sudden tumble in English, it tends to be applied to more metaphorical situations -- a rapid fall from a higher position in society, for example. These days, degringolade is fairly rare in American English. We rely far more heavily on its familiar synonym downfall.

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