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Flinging That Painting Guy

April 12th, 2002 - 2:18 a.m.

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So I was flipping through the channels earlier when I saw that painting guy. You know, the guy on PBS who does all those landscape portrait tv shows? The one where he's got that big old 'fro and the sleep-inducing voice? He always paints landscapes...pretty much always mountains, trees, water...with the occasional forest or cabin thrown in? Anyway, I was wondering why on earth they still air that program? I mean, just given his hairstyle the shows have to be like 20 years old. He's probably retired and living in luxury off of the proceeds he's made from so many people buying his paintings. I wouldn't be surprised if he had stock in the paint company. He's made his fortune in the shilling of landscapes as viable things that other people can easily paint.

Strangely enough, VH1 was doing something about the 25 most desirable people or something this evening. That's not strange, but the fact that somewhere in the middle of it they had a list of people that the fans found "Oddly Pleasurable" is. I'm not entirely certain who was on that list of the "Oddly Pleasurable" because I didn't really care, but just the fact that they felt that they needed to include other people like that perplexed me.

palatable (adj. PAL-uh-tuh-bul)

1 : agreeable to the palate or taste : savory

2 : pleasing or agreeable to the mind : acceptable

Palatable comes from palate, a Latin-derived word for the roof of the mouth. The palate was once thought of as the seat of the sense of taste, so the word eventually came to mean sense of taste or broadly, liking. Palatable has been used in English to refer to palate-pleasing foods since 1669, but it isn't our only -- or our oldest -- adjective for agreeable tastes. Savory dates from the 13th century. Toothsome has been around since 1551. Tasty was used back in 1617. And appetizing has been gracing culinary reviews since 1653.

Spring Fling has officially started. Whee. I guess. I don't know, Fling hasn't ever been anything fantastically exciting to me. It's a rather irritating time of the year when everyone else runs around like idiots, most of them drunk. They also have a crafts fair kind of thing on the walk where they gouge students with ridiculously over-priced items. I'll probably look over their wares tomorrow. I'm such a sucker for jewelry that it's not even funny. *sigh*

They'll have music and things in the Quad tomorrow too. I'll probably go look at that for a bit as well. I won't buy any of the food they sell during Fling though. It's all ridiculously expensive. Just like Carnival food actually. They don't really have rides though. At least I don't think they do. I can't remember. Guess I'll find out tomorrow. More on that later...I suppose.

I could go to a concert tomorrow night if I want to shell out the $20 for it. I'm not entirely sure that I want to. I mean, I haven't really done much of anything this semester, so maybe it'd be a good idea for me to go. De La Soul and George Clinton are both playing. Plus some other band or two that I really don't know. I've only vaguely heard of De La Soul, but I like a few of George Clinton's songs. So I don't know if it's really worth the twenty bucks. I'm such a cheapskate sometimes. Am I going to go to the concert? Am I not going to go to the concert? Well, either write your opinions to me on the message board (it still feels rather neglected), or just stay tuned to find out...or something.

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