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Appointments Fill Me With Dread

April 9th, 2002 - 9:08 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Apparently I haven't updated in two days, so it must be time to do it again. And yes, I have to update. I think there's a law there somewhere. I went to bed before midnight last night. That really indicates me = Tired. It really is a red-letter day if I go to bed before the next day has technically started. It just doesn't happen.

I'm not entirely certain what I'm watching, but it's old enough that Corey Haim looks like he's in his teens. It's some weird movie on Comedy Central. No idea what it is or when it'll be over or even what it's about really. At a guess it's some weird movie from the 80's. There were a lot of those then, not that that was a bad thing. I have an appointment at 11 this morning, that should be such fun. Just what I wanted to do...talk to some guy about my financial situation. And not only *my* financial situation, but that of my entire family. Whee.

I can't believe I'm awake this early...and voluntarily at that. Oh, and not only that, but I've done almost all of my work for today except for the French poetry. I've got three pages of that to read. Such fun. Bah. There are entirely too many words in French that I don't know.

confection (n. kun-FEK-shun)

1 : a sweet food or fancy dish prepared from a variety of ingredients; also : candy

2 : a piece of fine craftsmanship

A confection is confected from several different ingredients or elements. Most confections are sweet, but the word can also be used to refer to any finely worked piece of craftsmanship. In other words, the lacy box containing chocolate confections can be a confection itself. The verb confect (meaning put together from varied material) comes from the Latin confectus, the past participle of conficere, meaning to prepare. Conficere joins the prefix con- with the common Latin verb facere, meaning to make or to do. Factory, manufacture, and benefactor are among the many relations.

raddled (adj. RAD-uld)

1 : being in a state of confusion : lacking composure

2 : broken-down, worn

How raddled came to mean old and worn isn't known for sure. One possibility is an association with raddle, a red coloring matter that was used to mark sheep. From this, raddled came to mean heavily made up with rouge -- a condition that sometimes causes the makeup wearer to appear older and more haggard instead of more attractive. The confused sense of raddled is often associated with the influence of drink or drugs. That connection is in keeping with the word's earliest known use, from a 1694 translation of French writer Francois Rabelais: "A . . . fellow, continually raddled, and as drunk as a wheelbarrow." (The similar sounding rattled, meaning confused or upset, comes from the verb rattle, that is, to shake up.)

Well, now that it's 10 am...I have to get dressed and eat and possibly do dishes and in about 45 minutes leave for my appointment. Ugh. Why do I feel like I'm going to a guillotine?

P.S. The movie's over with...I still don't know what the heck it is. But it's got blue background and a sign that says "End" at the end of the credits. Whatever that may mean. I'm not going to look up every movie Cory Haim has ever done so I can see which particular one this one was.

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