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McDonald's + Spice Girls = Cool?

April 7th, 2002 - 5:35 a.m.

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Time changes suck. Well, actually that's not true. Changing the time forward in the spring sucks, but changing it backwards in the fall doesn't. The reason? Has everything to do with sleep. Even though I'm rarely asleep before the change takes place, I still dislike the Spring change because my clock has suddenly lost an hour somewhere, as if in an instant I managed to space away an hour. Like when you sleep poorly, and you look at the clock once and it says one thing, then what seems like a minute (if that) later, you look again and the time has advanced rapidly and you feel as if you've not slept at all. It's just no fun at all.

I have to decide if I want to take this one job and spend the summer (a good majority of it anyway, except for a few weeks) here working or if I want to go home. I have until Wednesday to decide, so I'll see. I don't know, pro, con, pro, con, blargh. *sigh* I'll think about it later.

barbican (n. BAR-bih-kun)

: an outer defensive work; especially : a tower at a gate or bridge

You have probably heard of moats and drawbridges, but barbicans may be unfamiliar. Those stone outerworks stood in front of the gate of a castle or bridge and helped prevent invaders from gaining access to the main entryway. Up to a point, the case for the history of the word barbican is well fortified. It is clear that English speakers seized the term from the Middle French barbacane, which in turn had been taken from the Medieval Latin barbacana (both of those roots had the same meaning as the modern word). The etymological path crumbles from there, however. Some speculate that the ultimate ancestor of barbican might lie in a Persian word meaning house on a wall, but that speculation has never been proven.

septentrional (adj. sep-TEN-tree-uh-nul)

: northern

What does the word septentrional have in common with the month of September and the Big Dipper? The Latin word septem, meaning seven, provides the connection. Septem is an ancestor of both septentrional and September (the 9th month now, but in the earliest Roman calendar, the 7th month). We picked up septentrional from septentriones, a Latin word used to refer to the seven principal stars of either of two prominent constellations of the northern sky: Ursa Major (Latin for Greater Bear) or Ursa Minor (Lesser Bear) -- also known as the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper, respectively. Septentriones in turn derives from septem plus triones, meaning plowing oxen.

I have the hiccups. Lovely. I just got done watching Cockatail. Why is it that I like Tom Cruise's older stuff a hell of a lot better than his recent work? Early Sunday morning tv is always annoying. There's almost never anything good on. Television people should cater to insomniacs and/or nightowls in better ways than infomercials and commercials for sleeping pills.

Speaking of commercials (got to love the really obvious segues, eh?)... that one commercial that starts, "There is a natural rythym to life. We sleep at night and wake in the morning..." really pisses me off. It makes annoying assumptions and is just generally irritating. "Natural rythym to life" my ass. What kind of life are they talking about? Because human life doesn't "naturally" have that rhthym, not all of them anyway. And if you're talking about, say, the life of bats, then they're just completely wrong alltogether. Oh, another commercial the amuses me/pisses me off is that McDonald's one. You know, the one with the Spice Girls music in the background. What marketing genius at McDonald's thought *that* would be cool? This must be a sign of just how behind the times McDonald's truly is. Something like 5 or more years after the Spice Girls have lost all their popularity, they come out with a commercial using their music. Five years from now they'll probably have a commercial with one of Britney Spears' idiotic songs in the background...their desperate attempt at seeming "cool" and "in touch with the youth of today".

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