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I'm Two Poets. And I'm Two-Gendered?

March 27th, 2002 - 4:04 p.m.

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I should be working on my oral report for tomorrow, but I'm doing this instead because procrastination is evil. Earlier, to procrastinate I took this "Which Poet Are You?" quiz. Turns out I'm a mixture of these two people...which is fairly interesting.

You are Dorothy Parker
You are cynical, bitter, and bitchy! Too bad you are so preoccupied with love and unhappy with life. It's okay, your wit has made you very popular. By the way, aren't all men pigs?

Take the Which Poet are You? Quiz - brought to you out of boredom and pretention!

You are T.S. Eliot
Your are introspective and have an affinity for creatures that purr. You also have a tendency to doubt yourself. You can see the beauty in the world - don't let it pass you by!

Take the Which Poet are You? Quiz - brought to you out of boredom and pretention!

omniscient (adj. ahm-NIH-shunt)

1 : having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight

2 : possessed of universal or complete knowledge

One who is omniscient literally knows all -- the word brings together two Latin roots: the prefix omni-, meaning all, and the verb scire, meaning to know. You may recognize omni- as the prefix that is similarly attached in words such as omnivorous and omnipotent, where it also means all (these mean eating all and all-powerful, respectively). Scire has a number of other knowledge-related descendants in English, including conscience, science, and prescience (meaning foreknowledge). Omniscient first turned up in a definition in 1604, and in approximately 1615, it appeared in the following admonition by Francis Bacon: "By no means trust to your own judgement alone; for no man is omniscient."

Hmmm...but I want to be omniscient! Well, no, actually being omniscient would really suck. How would you affect change that way? I mean, you'd know every thing that ever happened and ever will happen and all of that information would just drive you nuts.

Mall Rats is strange. But I still like it. I frequently like strange things. Like Dwarf Lover: The Comic, but that's a story for another time. Oh, what did I do Saturday night, anyway? I went and saw Blade II and then ate out. Blade II was...enh, I don't know. I can't decide if I liked it or not. I definately liked the first one, but this second one...oh, I just can't decide. Dinner was pretty good I suppose. I liked the coating on my chicken...honey-dipped. It was nice. Maybe not $9 worth of nice, but I'll live.

Ohhhh...I just have to rant about the money-grubbing, squeeze me of my last penny, university I have. Next year,they're raising tuition 4.6%, which puts the expected total for each student including room, board, etc. to over $36,000. In addition to this, they're charging a mandatory $200! "recreation" fee, which basically covers access to the new gym they're building. This fee doesn't cover classes at the gym that have instructors, so if you wanted to take an aerobics class you're going to have to pay extra. Plus!...oh, Plus!...the fee, optional for people who actually want to use the gym and are willing to join it as a membership kind of thing, this year is only $75. Soooo...not only are they manadatorily charging me more than twice the gym fee this year, but they're doing it for something I'm never going to use and STILL you have to pay extra for anything with an instructor! Is it any wonder I'm going to be poor for years to come after I get done going to this school? Bastards.

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