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March 18th, 2002 - 8:15 a.m.

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Argh. I really, really hate it when the story won't leave me alone until I write it. I'm sorry, but I'd really rather sleep than continue to write my story. But no, not only has the story dragged my ass out of bed because it wouldn't leave my mind alone long enough for me to go to bed, but I had to wait impatiently for my computer to turn on. That's what really bothers me. The fact that I had to almost pace while I waited for my computer to boot up because my mind was too busy with stories and plot notes. Ugh.

So I missed St. Patrick's Day, one way or another. Guess I'll just have to make this entry green in reparation...is that the right word? Maybe I wanted a different word. Oh well, I can't really bring myself to care at the moment.

I was just wondering at random...why are contemporary novels of about 300 pages so easy to read when compared with other fictional works? I mean, I bought a novel to read over break. It was 300+ pages and I breezed through the darn thing in a day and a half, maybe less. However, give me a book of 296 pages of which I have to read half for Tuesday, and things don't go so easily. I've read 54 pages of the thing, and I started it more than a week ago. Not to mention the headache that is Louisiana. I only have to read the first 74 pages of it for later today and this book is so darn incomprehensible that I think I've read all of maybe 25 pages. Either I'm reading too much for class or I need to be taking different classes...ones where we buy contemporary fiction that's not that difficult to read and understand. I think I'd look forward to a class like that...too bad it'll never happen.

cohort (n. KOH-hort)

1 : a group of warriors or followers

2 : companion, colleague

In ancient times, a cohort was a military unit, one of ten divisions in a Roman legion. The term passed into English (via French) in the 15th century, when it was used in translations and writings about Roman history. Once cohort became established in our language, its meaning was extended, first to refer to any body of troops, then to any group of individuals with something in common, and later to a companion.

erumpent (adj. ih-RUM-punt)

: bursting forth

Erumpent started out 350 years ago as a scientific term

and has been mostly used in very specific references to fungi, with the following definition: "tending to burst through the surface of the growing medium or of a host's tissue so as to form a projecting mass." A few writers, however, have used it simply as a synonym of eruptive, which, like erumpent, can also mean bursting forth or breaking out (as in eruptive temper). Both the scientific and the general use of erumpent reflect the word's Latin source: the verb rumpere, which means to burst forth. Rumpere is also an ancestor of various -rupt words in English, such as erupt, bankrupt, disrupt, corrupt, abrupt, and interrupt.

Flarflsnuff. That's it. That's all I'm saying from now on. I don't expect to make sense, but then again, I don't want to. I did finally get to see Buffy "last" night, or tonight I guess since I haven't gone to bed yet. It was...interesting I suppose. Definately an episode where if you weren't paying attention in a few crucial places you had problems and lost the entire point of the show. But I didn't have that problem since I saw the whole thing. I was rather disappointed that they have chosen not to deal with the whole "Is Anya going to go back to her man-hating, evil vengeance demon ways?" question this episode. Instead, Anya's just "missing." Great. And Tara's a bitch...whee. Since they didn't show a preview for this week's Buffy I'm guessing that it's going to be a rerun. ...and according to the TV Guide I looked up, it is. Bah, I have something to do until 8:30 on Tuesday evening anyway. Ohhh. That one. Too bad I didn't see all of that one the first time and I'm not going to see all of it this time either.

I do think that I'm going to have to expand my TV viewing on Tuesday evenings to include "As If" and "The Random Years." Those were on this evening as well and I quite enjoyed them. And what the hell has the WB done with Angel?!?! For pete's sake, miss a week and the entire show moves to some time or goes off the air completely and you're left wondering where your tv show went. So sue me if one week I slept through the alarm telling me to wake up and watch Angel. I was tired damnit. And on that pleasant note (I'm still tired damnit, but can I sleep? NO. Damn insomnia too while I'm at it. Hopefully I can get a little after I pour out the damn story.) I'm off to some other place to vent. Or something.

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