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March 12th, 2002 - 2:13 a.m.

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I'm bored again. Gee, this is turning into a fantastic break isn't it? I guess being bored is better than being stressed out of my mind. I actually forgot it was March earlier. That's just sad. Whatever happened to Sixpence None The Richer? I liked Kiss Me, but that's like the last song of theirs I've heard...and that song was popular like three years ago, if not more. God I'm old. I bought cake at the grocery store today...yay me. I was annoyed today because neither of the stores I went to had what I wanted. The grocery store didn't have a spray bottle or gravel, and neither did CVS. CVS does, however, carry mink oil of all things, which I thought was very strange, but I guess it works. It should work on my leather...I hope. Would be a very expensive mistake to make if it doesn't. Maybe I'll ask at that one cleaner's place before I buy it. I think I'll go to work tomorrow. And I need to go over to that one pet-store type place down thataway on 40th street. I would've went there today, but I didn't go outside until something like 6 pm, and I don't want to go thataway when it's dark b/c it's scary. The place was probably closed by then anyway...people thataway don't like to be open past dark, something I can understand. Blah blah blah blah blah blah...pfft. Interesting, I don't believe I am. My best friend in the whole world (not that I've seen that much of it) called me at 11 am today and woke me up. She didn't call specifically to wake me up, she called to talk to me and woke me up in the process. Then we talked for two hours before hanging up. I think that's probably one of the markers of a true friend...you can spend hours on the phone with them, hang up and have no idea what you just spent so long talking about, but you've had a good time nonetheless. It's fun. We have conversations that long no matter how close we are or how long it's been since we last talked to each other. In fact, we had converstations like that when we only lived a block away from each other. It's always been an interesting experience.

I did something weird to my left foot and now it's all rarh and stuff. Blech. No more writing for me. Maybe I'll tell you about the second half of Firestarter: Rekindled later if I'm still bored or tomorrow or not at all depending on what I feel like doing. Unpredictability is a bitch.

deglutition (n. dee-gloo-TIH-shun or deh-gloo-TIH-shun)

: the act or process of swallowing

Deglutition comes to us from the French deglutition, which is derived from the Latin verb deglutire, meaning to swallow down. Deglutire, in turn, derives from de- and glutire, a verb meaning to swallow. Deglutition is a fairly rare word these days, but it has a relative in English that is quite familiar: the noun glutton, meaning one who eats too much. Glutton comes from a Latin word (glutto) that is closely related to glutire.

Hmm. Strange word. But then again, lots of words are strange.

Song of the Day: "Europa and the Pirate Twins" by Thomas Dolby because this song makes absolutely no sense and I didn't realize Thomas Dolby had sung anything other than "She Blinded Me With Science".

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