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March 11th, 2002 - 6:06 a.m.

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I am bored out of my mind. I should go to bed, but when have I ever been known for doing the things I should? Maybe after this I'll work on my stories some more. I don't know, we'll see.

I watched Firestarter: Rekindled...the first part of the mini-series tonight. I don't know, I pretty much liked it. It was interesting to see how scenes from the first movie were done. They chose to re-shoot them instead of using the scenes from the previous movie. I guess that makes sense if none of the people who were in the original movie are in this one, and I don't think they are. At least, no one's looked familiar. It was really interesting how the locals have changed from whenever the last movie was (1984...I looked it up). They had George C. Scott play the original role of John Rainbird (he actually looked Native American...well, closer than who they have now) and for the new one they have Malcolm McDowell...it's really very different. But the flashbacks to the place where she was held hostage... in the original film, it was blindingly white everywhere, but there were normal rooms too (at least from what I remember), but in the new version everything is black and metal and gloomy. I wonder when that split happened? When did we go from "Oh I need to blind people who come into this room" to "Oh I need to depress the hell out of people who live and work here"? It wouldn't surprise me if it was right around the time Martha Stewart started to gain popularity.

Out of boredom, I decided to look on Google for stuff like how to take care of my poor tree to make sure it doesn't die. And my search has resulted in gloomy news. Apparently I have a rare tropical variety of tree. Great. So it's going to be picky. I couldn't even find anything about its care. I tried a few bonsai websites, but they don't have this specific variety of treecare. Argh. I have a Dwarf Snowflake aka Breynia disticha nana to people who aren't botany geeks aka the majority of the population. So I haven't any more idea on how to care for the stupid thing than what I've got on the little white plastic thing: Indoor MM/LL. That wouldn't make any sense if I hadn't read the signs when I was selecting a plant. It's an indoor plant, meaning it doesn't like temperatures under 50 degrees farenheit. MM signifies mild moisture, as opposed to Dry and Moist. So I don't have to pay attention and water it *too* often (I hope). And LL means low light, something I'm incredibly grateful for, since I don't get any. I've got one window that faces north, and the curtain is almost always pulled over it, so about the only light this plant is getting is artificial. I'll just have to hope that that's enough for the poor tree. I guess we'll see whether or not it lives. Like I said, I'm going to pick out an ugly plastic tray to put it in and probably pick up some gravel or some of that stuff you put on the bottom of fish tanks later "today" so I can keep my plant happy. Hmm. Wonder what I'm going to do with this thing if it's still alive in May? Well, I'm not so bored now...or maybe I'm just more tired, so I'm off. Ciao.

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