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March 7th, 2002 - 12:23 a.m.

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Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade. I have very little idea what that is, except some random anime thing available on dvd that they've been advertising lately on commercials. I just thought I'd throw it in there for no reason at all. Gee, an hour and a half ago I started this...damn it. It would help if my head didn't feel all floaty and discombobulated. I think I'll have a cookie. Mmmm...cookies. They're molasses cookies though, and not very good. I guess I only like home-made molasses cookies. These ones are all soft and weird. They shouldn't be all soft and weird. What kind of strange cookies are they? My mind is really not cooperating tonight. And I have to do stuff yet tonight. Eek. That ought to be great fun. Showtime is going to put on a show with Luke Perry...where the heck did they dig him up from? I mean, I haven't seen him do anything in ages, and all the sudden he's the star of some show on Showtime? I mean, the premise looked interesting, and if I had Showtime, or knew someone who had it, I might watch it, but I won't, and since it stars Luke Perry I'm even less inclined towards doing anything to it.

conversant (adj. kun-VER-sunt)

: having knowledge or experience

Clearly, conversant has nothing to do with oral

communication, making it quite different from its relatives

converse and conversation. But conversant remains close to the Latin ancestor that all these words have in common: conversari, which means to associate with. The earliest meaning of conversant in the 1300s was simply having familiar association. Though conversant had a short-lived 19th-century stint with the meanings conversational (inclined to converse) and conversable (easy to converse with), it never went the way of those other convers- words. Even when conversant is used of one knowledgeable in a language (conversant in Spanish), as it often is, it doesn't necessarily refer to speaking ability (as does fluent) -- one can be conversant with only the written language.

So the whole point to this entry existing, at least to begin with, was to discuss what happened when I went grocery shopping this evening. I went across the way and picked up my tickets for the flower show Friday, and then I went to the grocery store. First of all, I suppose you'd have to know what I was wearing. I decided I'd wear my leather pants today because I felt like it, and I've got this black velvet-ish top that I like that I paired it with. It was warm enough out this evening that I had my coat open, I don't know if I even really needed the coat actually, but it's black too. So I was walking towards the grocery store, and this guy was walking in the other direction towards me. He saw me and I can't remember what he said, but he was accosting me and it was sort of frightening. It was some appreciative comment on how I looked. It's certainly not anything that's ever happened to me before. Being accosted on the street that is. Then he asked if I had a boyfriend (I'd kept on walking...being accosted on the street at 9:30 in the evening in West Philly isn't a good idea to stop), I said no. He asked me if I liked black, and I said that I did, it's my favorite color after all. I guess he took it as more than I meant it (he was dark-skinned), and so he shouted his phone number at me...twice! as I continued walking. I finally said okay or something (I don't even remember the phone number except for the area code which is the same as mine, and the fact that it had a 7 in it someplace), and kept walking. It amused it about a minute later, and I couldn't stop laughing. I guess maybe I should wear these pants more often. They certainly provoke the most interesting reactions from people. What is it with men and leather anyway?

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