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South Street Is Strange

March 3rd, 2002 - 12:20 a.m.

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Outkast is strange. I really don't understand them at all. Saturday Night Live this week is Outkast & Johnny Mosley, next week is John Stewart & India Arie...I think I'm sensing a pattern here. Olympics, Grammys, bah. I could do without them. I was going to update last night, but my computer decided it wanted to restart itself so I vetoed the idea of doing it again. I just wasn't that invested in writing this. Or something. I don't know, I'm not all that thrilled about writing stuff at the moment either. But I should tell people things, so blah.

So yesterday I was a bad woman and I had a stress-free day. I went to lunch in Chinatown with a friend, her mother, her mother's friend, and her mother's friend's mother. I know, that sounded complicated. But it was me and four other people. And I didn't pay for it and it was Chinese which is very yummy. After that we went to a shop there and my friend bought rose soap because it's cheaper there apparently.

Then it was off to the Reading Street Terminal Market (I might've screwed up the title, but it's close enough). It was really very interesting. Sort of like a farmer's market combined with various shops and things. It was really quite spiffy. The candy shop was evil. There were so many things I could've bought there, it was ridiculous. But I was restrained and only bought some butterscotches (which have turned out to be really good by the way) and a little carton thingy of strawberries. I had the strawberries later before dinner with some sugar and they were very, very good. Then we walked to...oh yeah, then we went to Staples to get something for her mom. When we finished that we walked through Jewelers Row. Jeweler's Row was interesting, and very cool. I wouldn't want to know how much some of those things are though. They're all probably out of my price range.

Then...well, then we went to Pearl on South Street. She's an artist so she needs art supply things a lot. South Street was...really frigging strange. I was happy to see Dairy Queen. I didn't think they had those here. But it was on South Street, and that place is kind of scary so eating food there might be a bad idea. But it still made me happy to see it. Yes, South Street is very strange. Condom Kingdom was across the street from GAP Kids. And I think that's a good final note.

esplanade (n. ESS-pluh-nahd or ess-pluh-NAHD)

: a level open stretch of paved or grassy ground; especially : one designed for walking or driving along a shore

The history of esplanade is completely on the level. The Italians created spianata for a level stretch of ground, from their verb spianare, which means to make level. The word was borrowed by Middle French as esplanade, and in the late 1500s we borrowed the French word. Its ancestry goes straight back to the Latin verb explanare, which also means to make level (and is the source of our verb explain). What may not be plain is that in the 16th century, and even later, esplanades were associated with war. The word in its earliest use was applied to a crucial stretch of level ground around a fortification. Today, however, esplanades are usually for enjoyment.

Quickly, what we did after that...we caught a bus on Walnut back to campus, then had to walk back to Spruce (essentially South Street) to go to her house. Then we sat around, had dinner (strawberries and later pasta for me, salad and pasta for her), and bashed the Miss America pagent. Then I went home. All in all a nice, stress-free day. I enjoyed it. And I badly needed it. Now time to be stressed. Whee. Blech.

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