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February 25th, 2002 - 1:44 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

And then the voice of the Diary God came down from above and saith:

Thou Shalt Update

...I'm sorry, what? I was just having some weird thoughts. As for why I'm updating (as if I ever *really* need a reason to update), well, there's that weird voice that was saying stuff for one thing. That's got to merit updating. Although, that voice was actually not a real voice, it was just something I made up because I felt like it. Do I have a point to updating? Besides the voice thing, no not really. I didn't really do anything worth speaking of today, but I'll list it anyway, just to share my fascinating life with...well, no one most likely. Who reads this?

Abortion is Disputatious

disputatious (adj. diss-pyuh-TAY-shuss)

1 a : inclined to dispute b : marked by disputation

2 : provoking debate : controversial

Disputatious can be used of both people and things. Disputatious people like to provoke arguments or find something to disagree about. In the things category, the word can apply to both situations and issues. For example, court trials are disputatious; that is, they are marked by disputation -- verbal controversy. An issue or matter is disputatious if it provokes controversy. However, if a matter, such as an assertion made by someone, is open to question rather than downright controversial, it's merely disputable. In any case, there's no arguing that both disputatious and disputative, a synonym of disputatious, have changed their connotation somewhat from their Latin source, the verb disputare. That word means simply to discuss.

The List of Boring and Semi-Boring Things I Did Today:

1. Sleep

3. Read for class

7. Got out of bed

0. Went to the bathroom

2. Did dishes

9. Cooked dinner

6. Played on computer

4. Worked on story

5. Worked on re-designing webpage(s)

8. Nothing else really all that important...e-mail, talking with various people, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera. Blargh. I'm going to go away now. At least I essentially have tomorrow off for no real reason that I know of.

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