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I Snap And Stop Frigging Rhyming

February 4th, 2002 - 3:42 a.m.

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Continuing the disturbing trend I seem to have acquired of updating, and as I promised, I'm updating again. It's after that one movie I just said I saw. Boy was that disturbing. Talk about a dystopia. Well, I don't know, maybe men would like it, but for me personally, if I ever end up in a world like that...shoot me or let me kill myself or something. Ugh.

Eccentric...The Definition of Me

eccentric (adj. ik-SEN-trik or ek-SEN-trik)

1 a : not of the usual or normal kind b : acting or thinking in an unusual way

2 : deviating from a circular path; especially : elliptical

Eccentric comes to us through Middle English from the Medieval Latin word eccentricus, but it is ultimately derived from a combination of the Greek words ex, meaning out of, and kentron, meaning center. The original meaning of eccentric in English was not having the same center (as in eccentric spheres). In this sense, it contrasts with concentric, meaning having a common center (as in concentric circles, one within another). But since at least 1630, English speakers have also used eccentric to describe individuals who are figuratively off-center. It can also be used to describe something that doesn't follow a truly circular path, as in an eccentric orbit.

So. Apparently the Superbowl was today. Since I didn't watch any of it and don't pay any attention to sports in general, there's really no reason to mention it, is there? I mean, I didn't see the commercials or anything, so what does it matter? The Patriots, whoever they are, won, according to somebody or other. It's amazing how I can not care in the slightest about stuff like this, and yet somehow I manage to know about it anyway. The dissemination of truly important things, like who won major sporting events, is really astonishing. And rather scary. Things like who won the Superbowl or the World Series is common knowledge, but how many people know the name of the person who runs the Department of the Interior? Aren't they responsible for important things? Okay...who knows what the Dept. of the Interior actually does? And who's in charge of things like education? It actually exists as a department and people should be concerned about it. Education is important and is becoming more so as time goes on. I mean, you can hardly get a job without a degree of at least high school now. College is preferred, and you're even required to have a Master's Degree in a bunch of different places. And I'm babbling/rambling/ranting/whatever so I have to stop now.

I don't know, I might've forgotten to mention that I saw the original Bedazzled the other day. Every time I think of that movie, I can't do it without thinking of the Bedazzler, that thing from that infomercial a long time ago. Yet another example of how firmly entrenched in my head commercials can become. Damn them. Anyway, besides that, I don't know if I can make up my mind about which version I like better. They were really too different to be compared. There were some things I liked about the original version and some things I liked about the newer version. I really liked kind of near the end, the part with the nuns in the convent. It was really rather funny. But what really makes it two different movies (besides the fact that the wishes were almost completely different in their execution) is the way the Devil is portrayed. I don't know, again with the ambivalent "I sort of liked them both for various reasons" feeling, but I sort of liked the original better I think. He seemed more human than what's her name did in the newer version. I liked God better in the newer version though. The one in the older version seemed...kind of sinister, and that's just a bad thing. Anyway, I'm going to pronounce the anti-song of the day and then go away and stop friggin rhyming!

Anti-Song of the Day: "Hey Baby" by No Doubt. It's not on, because I have the tv turned off, but that song just gets on my nerves. I sort of like it, but the repetition just makes it seem like the words are sharp knives and they're carving the words "hey baby hey" over and over again in my brain until I snap and go insane, but still the words just won't go away because they're permanently embedded into my brain and I'll never be free of them and AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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