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Writing Out My Frustrations...

January 29th, 2002 - 4:08 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

You know what? Today, tomorrow, possibly this week and part of next have been perfectly expressed by Groucho Marx, who said, "I've had a perfectly wonderful evening. But this wasn't it."

Yes. I am officially Fed Up. So incredibly bothered by everything I have to do in my life at the moment that I turned on my computer at a quarter to four in the morning instead of going to bed like I thought I would. People seem to have unrealistic expectations with regards to the amount of reading I can physically do. My alarm is set to go off in roughly 4 hours (and 10 minutes if you want to get technical). This distresses me. I'm going to write about my grocery shopping experience and then we'll move on to a list of things I should be doing instead of this.

I went grocery shopping yesterday. Well, I went grocery shopping earlier tonight, too, but that's not important. Other than the fact that I bought *more* cheesecake (I finished the last one, but I think my sweet tooth needs to be stopped or something), and that I bought cereal that was actually healthy *and* on sale, there are other things to consider. I know, that didn't make any sense. Or it sort of made sense, or something. Don't look at me for coherency when I'm this tired damnit! Anyway, Post Raisin Bran was $1.99 so I bought it. I'm not terribly picky about cereal. So the truly important thing about going grocery shopping...miniature shopping carts. I don't mean the kind that mothers let their little kids push around so they'll behave that hold maybe one or two things, are made out of yellow plastic, and are almost flimsier than a piece of paper. No, these were special mini-carts. It's like...mini-carts for adults or something. Made out of metal, and it's two levels of metal, flat across. You put the little shopping basket things you normally would carry around on either the top level, the bottom level, or both. And then you run around the store with the little mini-cart thing and you don't have to kill your arm if you need to buy only a few, really heavy things. That's why these things are a good idea. Besides being super-maneuverable, it makes it easier for everybody lazy (me) to pick up a few groceries and not have to worry about when to pick up things like milk and soda because they're really bloody heavy.

I Feel Logy now...

logy (adj. LOH-ghee)

: marked by sluggishness and lack of vitality : groggy

Based on surface resemblance, you might guess that logy (also sometimes spelled loggy) is related to groggy, but that's not the case. Groggy comes from Old Grog, the nickname of an English admiral who was notorious for his cloak made of a fabric called grogram, and for adding water to his crew's rum. The sailors called the rum mixture grog after the admiral. Because of the effect of grog, groggy came to mean weak and unsteady on the feet or in action. No one is really sure about the origin of logy, but experts speculate that it comes from the Dutch word log, meaning heavy. Its first recorded use in English, from an 1847 London newspaper, refers to a loggy stroke in rowing.

Things I Should Be Doing Instead Of This:

1. SLEEP!!!!! (also known as being pleasantly unconscious)

2. Rabelais and Michel de Montaigne (I really don't understand how one section of Rabelais can be infinately easier to read than another.) This is also known as reading stuff in French (a huge pain in the ass).

3. Pages 1-183 of "The Chosen Place, The Timeless People" for which I have to write a 500 word response by Wed. evening at 8 pm. (I am *really* beginning to regret taking this class. I swear, if I hear about the Diaspora *One* More Time...)

4. Hmm...moving on to next week I suppose...Ch. 4-6 in "Feminist Thought."

5. One 4-5 page paper in French, on what, I have no frigging idea (I really should look into that...soon).

6. I think it was the first two acts of Don Juan, although I could be wrong.

7. Pages 184-263 of "The Chosen..." (Note: #5, 6, & 7 are all due on the same day, wrecking my life. Plus, there's probably in all reality a #8 that is yet to be determined to be accomplished additionally that day because one of my teachers is a scatterbrained woman who does things very slowly so I never know where she is on the syllabus or what she'll have chosen for us to read for the next time until I get to class).

9. Vacuum.

10. Do dishes (in all likelihood that will be done tomorrow sometime just because I have to).

There are probably more things, but I really don't want to think about them. I have to go to work, I have to shoot myself in the head for choosing so much reading as a major. Oh, and I can't forget that tomorrow I have to go pick up one of my former roommate's suitcases from the package room (assuming they'll release the bloody thing to me), because UPS wouldn't send it without her phone number in frigging Korea and she never sent it to me or UPS apparently, so they sent it back. Oh what fucking joy. So I suppose I'll have to e-mail her sometime soon too. Yay. One more thing to do. At least I have cheesecake to console me.

And now, when I've got a whole whopping proposed 3 & 1/2 hours of sleep available (who am I kidding? Chances are I'll change the alarm time to 10 am and sleep another hour and a half or so) and when I've written out my frustrations, I'm going to go to bed. Or something.

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