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Mice: Modern Vampires

January 28th, 2002 - 2:35 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Currently, I'm busy procrastinating and not doing...oh, just about everything that has anything to do with school. Apparently I'm also busy seeing things that aren't there. Normally, or at least in certain people's cases, that would mean that I'm hallucinating and that I need sleep. In my case however, it just means I've become extremely paranoid about things moving or seeming to move out of the corner of my eye. This indicates two things. 1. That I'm hallucinating things moving when there's nothing there, and 2. That my paranoia is reaching uncomfortably clinical levels (or I need me some roach motels/mousetraps, a rather more likely scenario...damn mice). I changed my mind. I'm not paranoid at all...there actually *IS* a mouse. It wasn't so speedy this time. Damn frigging mouse! I saw it...it ran over the scale. I don't think the scale weighed it though, it didn't stand still long enough. That's it. A mouse is the last bloody straw. I'm going to be vacuuming tomorrow sometime. Ack! Frigging mouse! Why couldn't it have just stayed in my roommates now vacated room where I wouldn't have to be confronted with its existence? It's always better if I don't know that it's there. Then I can safely ignore the fact that it occupies this suite occasionally. Damn frigging mouse. I know, I've repeated that several times but now I have to not touch the floor for awhile.

I'm so inclined to procrastinate that I've even been contemplating painting my fingernails for awhile now. Seeing as I have to be completely and utterly bored or willing to do just about anything to procrastinate before I think about painting my nails, this should be an indicator of...something or other. I don't know where I was going with that, other than the fact that I'm procrastinating and bored with it, but not so bored that I'm willing to actually do work.

A Plum?

aplomb (n. uh-PLAHM or uh-PLUM)

: complete and confident composure or self-assurance : poise

Aplomb ultimately comes from the French phrase a plomb, meaning according to the plummet. A plummet is a lead weight that is attached to a line and used to determine vertical alignment. In French, the literal meaning of aplomb is perpendicularity, and the extended meaning is composure. English speakers borrowed aplomb, in its extended sense, in the 19th century. The French plomb is also the source of the English word plumb, meaning to measure depth and to explore critically and minutely.

I saw "Modern Vampires" tonight on the SciFi Channel. It was...err...campy? It was completely silly. There was even this one vampire lady who'd been pregnant for 115 years and was happy about it. Count Dracula was a racist (he hated black people), but hated Van Helsing because apparently he had experimented on young children and vampires in the camps during WWII. A gang of Crips had sex with a vampiress before staking her and so they became vampires and they killed Count Dracula. The one or two lines I remember? "Hey man, this Dracula dude doesn't want to die. We done staked his ass a dozen times already." "He's too old, you'll have to burn him."

Anyway, yeah. I'm going to have to go beat myself over the head or something now. Ciao.

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