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January 21st, 2002 - 1:22 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Bored now. Pfft. As if that's anything new. I'm always bored. Boredom is one of the main motivating factors behind me writing a diary entry. Technically I didn't do an entry for the 20th because I finished the second entry of the 19th at a little after 11:30 pm. Not that it really matters. I suppose it's Martin Luther King Jr. Day now. Technically. Maybe I'll write about that in a different entry later. Or perhaps it doesn't deserve my mockery and I won't write about it at all. Or perhaps I'll write about it sans mockery. Or something. I did dishes and cleaned the bathroom yesterday. Not only that, but today I did some cleaning of papers and things from various surfaces so that's TWO days of cleaning I did. This is practically unprecedented. The fact that I did those things much be an indication of how bored I've been lately, or how desperately I want to avoid doing things for classes. I mean, I positively loathe cleaning. That's just an odd phrase. You positively loathe something...so you positively hate something. Since when is hatred a positive thing? How can you link those two together? Argh...damn screwy English language.

I've decided I don't particularly care for the one tremendously long paragraph entry style. I guess it's okay if you're so completely lazy that you can't even be bothered to hit the enter key, but if you're that lazy, why bother with punctuation at all? I can't do that, people who never punctuate anything usually EnD uP tYpInG lIke THiS and I am then obligated to mentally killing them in horrible and unusual ways and then never ever gracing their diary or whatever with my presence again. I realize that not punctuating your writing can be a deliberate choice done for effect. However, that does not stop me from scoffing and scorning you (at least mentally, occasionally verbally) for being an idiot who can't punctuate their own writing.

A... B... Word!

aggress (v. uh-GRESS)

: to commit aggression : to act aggressively

Aggress and its more familiar relatives aggression and

aggressive derive from the Latin verb aggredi, meaning to approach, attack, undertake. When aggress was first used in English in the 16th century, it meant to approach, but that use is now obsolete. The current meaning of the word has been with us since the early 18th century. Back then, the noun aggress (an attack) appeared occasionally as well, but time has relegated that use to obsolescence, too.

blithesome (adj. BLYTHE-sum)

: gay, merry

Blithesome comes from blithe, a word that has been a part of English since before the 12th century. Blithe can mean casual and heedless as well as joyful and lighthearted, but blithesome obviously makes use of only the joyful, lighthearted sense. Blithesome didn't show up in print in English until 1724, and is now relatively uncommon, but you'll find it in the works of such authors as Charles Dickens, Sir Walter Scott, Mark Twain, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

Yesterday it snowed. I didn't go out when it was snowing, in fact, I was rather reclusive yesterday and I'm not entirely sure I even left my room. Anyway, so tonight when I was finished cleaning and when I decided there wasn't really anything good on tv that I wanted to see (although American Psycho was starting so I saw bits and pieces of that), I went grocery shopping. Actually, first I dropped about three or four bags of garbage off by the dumpster and then I went grocery shopping. What this has to do with the snow is the fact that the snow apparently spent most, if not all of today melting or slushing so that the sidewalks are now densely packed slush on the verge of becoming ice. It was great fun to walk on. I was shopping at midnight and on my way there and back I saw a bunch of guys playing something, I'm guessing football, on the field that I have to pass by. Why anyone would want to play football in the dark at midnight when people are liable to mug you and kill you I don't know. I don't know if there was anything else particularly notable about my trip for groceries. Except for the fact that there were only two cashiers and the lines in both were rather long. Other than that, I don't know. Maybe since it's almost 4 am now I'll stop writing and see if the bit of html code I stuck up there worked or not. If I like it I might even include it in other places. I don't have anything else better to do after all. Guess what? It didn't work. So now it's gone. Say bye-bye to the html code.

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