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January 16th, 2002 - 9:12 p.m.

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I really don't know why I started this. I think I had a bunch of stuff to say here, but I'm really not certain that I remember any of it. I was going to update last night (again, not really sure why since my memory seems to have completely deserted me), but then I got tired so I went to bed instead. I really, truly don't know what I wanted to talk about though. The sad thing is, I've had this window open for almost 5 hours now and I haven't even really written a paragraph.

Ohhh! I remembered something I was going to comment on! Yay me! It's a miracle! Angel this week was really good. Buffy was a rerun and was shown later than it was supposed to be shown because of the stupid hockey game. I hate it when they reschedule things because of sports. It's so annoying. I've really enjoyed the last two new episodes of those shows that I've seen though. Buffy being invisible, although it was sort of already done, was quite nice. Angel this week, with them finally more or less resolving the whole vision thing was great.

Haaaa...I finally remembered something I wanted to talk about. I just had to hit the done button before I remembered. I have some seriously skewed priorities when it comes to food. I (re)discovered this yesterday when I was at the grocery store. How I discovered this was when I was in the checkout and I realized that I was completely willing to pay $6.99 for an entire Black Forest Cheesecake (was a tossup between that and Fudge Marble actually), yet I was unwilling to spend $4 on cereal that wasn't on sale. Anyway, yeah. That would be my priorities. Sad. Very, very sad, I assure you. Or something.

Winter is Frigorific.

frigorific (adj. frih-guh-RIH-fik)

: causing cold : chilling

The chill in frigorific comes from frigus, the Latin word for frost or cold. (Frigorific is derived from the Latin frigorificus, the adjective form of frigus.) Frigus has provided us with other icy words as well. It is the source of refrigerate (to keep cold), and also of the combining form frigo- (cold) and the noun frigorimeter (a thermometer designed for low temperatures), both of which are primarily scientific and somewhat rare. Frigus is also related to the ancestors of frigid (intensely cold). Frigorific is a relatively unusual word and is used considerably less often than its relatives refrigerate and frigid.

Haaaaaaaaaa....frigorific. I don't think I'm ever going to get over that word. That word is just going to amuse me to no end. That might be my new word. How are you? I'm frigorific. Except it doesn't make much sense. Haaaaaaaaa...I really can't stop laughing now. Oh well, at least I've only got tomorrow to slog through before I'm done with class for the week. Anyway, I should really stop procrastinating now. Just out of curiosity...is there any point at all to the No Doubt song "Hey Baby" and Pink's "Get This Party Started"? Other than to be repetitive, annoying, and get stuck in my head? Have you even seen the video for that No Doubt song? It doesn't even make any sense...

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