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Buffy The Slut

January 9th, 2002 - 6:21 p.m.

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Well, I was going to update earlier (say 2 am or so earlier), but things were actually cooperating at virtue.nu for once so I didn't. And my computer getting cold enough to freeze (it joined the club) didn't help much either. I don't know, maybe I'll finally get around to talking about my flight this past weekend. Or maybe I'll just talk about what happened on Buffy last night. That would probably be faster.

Buffy last night was actually pretty decent. Admittedly, the more, invisible, no less, sex with Spike was just icky. I still can't picture them together as a couple without going to a bad mental place. But the episode itself was better than the last couple of new ones that I saw. I was getting sick of Buffy's "woe-is-me, I'm on Earth instead of in 'Heaven'" attitude. I'm still not thrilled with the way they're treating witchcraft, but overall I guess it's not bad. I might even forgive them for being so strange for most of this season if the next one turns out well. They just need to get off of the whole Spike/Buffy sex thing and they should explain Anya's weird rabbit phobia. And what happened to Amy? Did she just drop off the face of the planet? And why does Buffy have to be such a slut on this show? I mean, just about every male who has been on the show for any length of time has had some sort of relationship with Buffy, even if it's just unrequited lust/love. The only exception thus far has been Oz. I know that it's her show and everything, but still...that doesn't mean every man's life should revolve around her or anything.

I don't know. Maybe it's just the writers from Buffy & Angel who do that. Because it seems like every woman on Angel has to have some sort of relationship with him too. Even though he *can't* have a relationship with anybody because of that "one moment of true happiness" thing, the writers have somehow managed to create some sort of sexual thing with every female on that show. What's up with that? Is this just some weird soap-opera thing or something? Anybody want to explain this one to me? Please?!?!

There is only a pittance of warmth in this room.

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It's a pity when you haven't anything but a pittance. And in fact, pity and pittance share etymological roots. The Middle English pitance came from the Old French pitance, meaning pity or piety. Originally, a pittance was a gift or bequest to a religious community, or a small charitable gift. Ultimately, the word comes from the Latin pietas, meaning piety or compassion. Our words pity and piety come from pietas as well.

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