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January 4th, 2002 - 9:14 a.m.

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Well, so far in this new year, I've updated four times in four days. I'm doing pretty good at regular updates so far. I expect that it'll get worse later. In fact, fairly shortly I'll be skipping at least one day, but that's because I'm not going to have internet access all of Saturday and most, if not all, of Sunday. So really, my not updating isn't my fault, but should be blamed on circumstances or something instead. Personally, I don't think circumstances likes being blamed for everything it does, but that's what happens when you have a name like that. Just like fate and destiny get blamed or accredited for a lot of things too. It must be annoying to be them.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning. Not deliberately, not because I *wanted* to be awake at that particular time, not because I had something specific to do then, but just because that was when my body said, "Okay, no more sleep for you, even if this *is* essentially your last day of vacation that you can sleep in and not have to worry about the time. You have to be awake anyway...no sleeping in for you, Ever! Mwuahahaha!" Sometimes my body can be so annoying.

Still freezing here. But I am a bit less cold thanks to my new ballet slippers. At least, that's what they look like. Well, except that they're black (face it, you're not surprised by my color choice) instead of pink. But if they were pink, they wouldn't be mine in the first place because I would have never purchased them. Pink is a color that should be reserved for roses and pigs, not clothing. I can see why ballerinas are impressed with shoes like these though...they're nice and comfy. Flexible, soft padding underfoot, and versatile. I can also see how standing on your toes would be painful after awhile. There isn't a whole lot between the ground and your toes if you're standing on them. Anyway, they'll work well enough for my purposes. Surprisingly enough (okay, maybe not), I have no intentions whatsoever of using them as part of a regimen of a torture designed to turn me into a ballet dancer. Instead, I'm going to wear them to the grocery store when I don't feel like putting on socks and around the dorm so I can keep my feet from coming into contact with the mouse and cockroach-infested floor. I live in such a sanitary building.

cavalcade (n. kav-ul-KAYD or KAV-ul-kayd)

1 a : a procession of riders or carriages b : a procession of vehicles or ships

2 : a dramatic sequence or procession : series

When cavalcade was first used in English, it meant a horseback ride or a march or raid made on horseback. Edward Hyde, Earl of Clarendon, used it this way in his 1647 _History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England_: "He had with some troops, made a Cavalcade or two into the West." From there came the procession of riders meaning and eventual applications to processions in a broader sense. Cavalcade came to English through Middle French, from the Old Italian cavalcata. Calvata came from an Old Italian verb, cavalcare, meaning to go on horseback. Ultimately, these words came from the Latin word caballus, which means horse.

It's nearly 9 am and still no one has stirred other than my sister who had to get up and leave because of that ugly mandatory thing called school. Maybe I should go back to bed for awhile. I could do that...it would be fun. Well, if my body will let me that is. I should remember to take a picture of the stars tonight since it's my last opportunity to do so. The stars just aren't the same in other places. Well, 9:06 and Grandpa's finally out of bed. Although, when you're 85, it doesn't really matter when you get out of bed much. Oops. Looks like everybody's awake now. Guess that means I should go back to bed.

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