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December 20th, 2001 - 9:10 a.m.

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Oooh...December! Pfft. As if December was really anything to get all worked up about. <----These were my thoughts earlier in December when I started writing a diary entry, and then didn't do the rest of it because I was so busy. This was that 10 day period when I didn't write anything here. Needless to say, my mood has changed and now I am much, much more optimistic. Or something. I'm not that negative anymore. And why is that? Because I'm FINISHED!

There's just something about being finished. It's an amazingly wonderful feeling. I am of the opinion that it doesn't matter what you finish, because it always feels good to be finished, but if you finish something big or something important, then it feels even *better* to be finished than it normally would. Finishing things seems to be exponential or something too, because if you finish more things simultaneously, it seems like a big thing too.

I am in a wonderfully fantastic mood at the moment. I might even feel like doing some writing that isn't connected to my diary or a class for once...whee! Dum de dum...la de dah. Whee! (alright, it's official. I have officially de-evolved into something or other that can't talk. Maybe I'm just a baby making baby-noises or something...)

Hmm...Wonder if this works here too? Just Checking.

I hate mail.com. I just *have* to mention that. It seems to positively *enjoy* annoying me. It deletes e-mails I write in order to log me out of mail.com, just to irritate me. Not only that, but it has issues with letting me in to the inbox itself. Stop telling me you can't connect to the server damnit! And while I'm expressing my frustration...damn phantom knocks on ICQ!!! ARGH!

Oh. This place just amused me to no end. That poor man. He must really love her (or be incredibly masochistic) in order to stay with her for that long though. It's still funny, but then again, as long as it isn't happening to me, of course it is.

I Am Frequently Flippant

flippant (adj. FLIH-punt)

: lacking proper respect or seriousness

Flippant did something of a flip-flop shortly after it appeared in English in the 17th century. Flippant was probably created from the verb flip, which in turn likely originated as an imitation of the sound of something flipping. The earliest senses of the adjective were nimble and limber. One could be flippant not only on one's feet, but also in speech -- that is, someone flippant might have a capacity for easy, flowing speech. Such flippancy was considered a good thing at first. But people who speak freely and easily can sometimes seem too talkative, even impertinent. By the end of the 18th century, the positive sense of flippant had slipped from use, and the disrespectful sense had taken its place.

Pillsbury makes good brownies in a pan included, just throw it in the oven kind of way. They get kind of hard after about 5 days though. The amazing thing is these brownies have been around for 5 days to get hard. Ha. Time for me to stop writing now. And this only took me an hour for once. More later.

Song of the Day: "Kyrie" by Mr. Mister...oh heck, throw "Broken Wings" in there too while we're on this Mr. Mister kicks. Good songs, both of them. Or at least I like them, and my opinion is the only one that counts on this particular forum. Even though I've apparently already thrown "Broken Wings" in here before as a song of the day (how do I know that? I looked it up.)

Extra Song of the Day: "Feelin' Groovy" by Simon & Garfunkel. I don't even care if it's about some crackhead on drugs or something. It adequately expresses my mood at the moment...well, if I was living in the 70's rather than the '00s. How are you supposed to pronounce that anyway? I mean, seventies, eighties, nineties, zero-zeros? Umm...huh? I don't know, are we just going to permanently name it "the new millenium"? Because I just don't know how you could pronounce 00's... any guesses?

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