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When Will This Be Over?

December 16th, 2001 - 1:09 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Errr...oh, I did go to that one restaurant. It was expensive. I'm glad I don't eat there every day, I'd be even further into the poor house than I already am very, very swiftly. It was all pretty damn tasty, and the desserts were so pretty I didn't even want to eat them. But eating them was yummy too. The only thing I didn't try was the eel appetizers, but they just seemed kind of icky, so I didn't want to. But yeah, everything else was scrumptious, if pricy.

My ceiling is leaking again. I wish it would knock it off. (And no, I don't mean the plaster needs to be knocked off the ceiling)

Finals suck, so unless I *really* want to procrastinate, there won't be a diary entry until at least Monday evening, possibly later.

I finally did laundry. I only put it off for something like a week and a half. My computer is doing some strange thing where it isn't letting me open anything from the start menu or the desktop. It's really quite annoying. Pfft. I've already had this window open for three hours, I think soon it shall be time for me to just update, regardless of whether or not I wanted to say anything more. My diary is strange. For awhile, for no reason at all, my page was loading with errors, and then today, I looked at it and there were no errors at all. Damn weird thing. I swear, it's just out to make me paranoid and/or crazy. Enh. I don't think I want to type anything in here any more. Back to the studying...*sigh* when will this be over?

Don't Gibe the Nexus

gibe (v. JYBE)

1 : to utter taunting words

2 : to deride or tease with taunting words

Confused about jibe and gibe? The distinction actually isn't as clear-cut as some commentators would like it to be. Jibe is used both for the verb meaning to be in accord, agree (jibe with) and for the verb and noun of nautical parlance (jibe the mainsail, a risky jibe in heavy seas). Gibe is used for the verb to deride or tease and the noun a taunting remark. But jibe is a recognized variant of gibe, so it, too, has taunting or teasing uses. Gibe has been used occasionally as a variant of jibe, but this use is very rare, and many would consider it to be an error.

gild the lily (verb phrase GILD-thuh-LIH-lee)

: to add unnecessary ornamentation to something beautiful in its own right

You might be aware that gild the lily is attributed to Shakespeare, but there is a catch -- the phrase used in

Shakespeare's play _ King John_ is actually "to paint the lily." The quotation reads, in part, "To gild refined gold, to paint the lily / To throw a perfume on the violet.... / Is wasteful and ridiculous excess" (Act IV, scene ii, lines 11-12, 16). Rather than speaking of gilding gold and painting the lily, people seized upon the expression as gild the lily, and the phrase has become firmly established. Of course, there are those who criticize gild the lily as a misquotation, but the essence of the expression holds true to the original version, even if the wording does not.

majuscule (n. MAJ-us-kyool or muh-JUSS-kyool)

: a large letter (as a capital)

Majuscule looks like the complement to minuscule, and the resemblance is no coincidence. Minuscule appeared in the early 18th century as a word for certain ancient and medieval writing styles which had small forms. Eventually, it came to be used for any lowercase letter. Minuscule then acquired a more general adjectival use for anything very small. Majuscule is the counterpart to minuscule when it comes to letters, but it never developed a broader sense (despite the fact that its Latin ancestor majusculus has the broad meaning rather large). The adjective majuscule also exists (as does majuscular). Not surprisingly, the adjective shares the noun's specificity, referring only to large letters or to a style using such letters.

nexus (n. NEK-sus)

1 : connection, link; also : a causal link

2 : a connected group or series

3 : center, focus

Nexus is all about connections. The word comes from

nectere, a Latin verb meaning to bind. Can you guess what other English words are related to nectere? The most obvious is connect, but annex (meaning to attach as an addition, or more specifically to incorporate into a political domain) is related as well. When nexus came into English in the 17th century, it meant connection. Eventually, it took on the additional meaning connected series (as in a nexus of relationships). More recently -- that is, in the past few decades -- it has taken on another additional meaning: center (as in the trade nexus of the region).

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