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Don't Mock the Leaves

November 30th, 2001 - 12:36 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Oh look, this will probably be the last entry for November. Whee! Or something. Not like it really matters what month it is. They're all the same...well, not really, because the weather changes and there's stuff like snow in December and hot weather in July, but still, they're all the same. If you wanted, you could rename November August and it wouldn't matter. It wouldn't make the time of year any warmer or anything, just because you changed the name of the month. Renaming January July and July January wouldn't make "July" any warmer, or "January" any colder. Names are all arbitrary and stuff. I have no idea where I was going with that example or if there was ever a point to it at all, really. Moving on...

Boardhost needs to stop being such a wanker. I don't use boardhost personally (because it sucks), but there are a few boards I look at/post to which do use boardhost, and the inability to look at messages and things there is irrating me to no end. Things do that a lot...irritate me. I think there's some dastardly plot afoot to make sure that I'm irritated a good portion of the time. After all, everything exists to affect me in some way/shape/form. This is why I should stay sheltered, so things don't affect me adversely or some such thing. Tonight/tomorrow should be an interesting experience, given what has to happen and my current physical health. Interesting probably isn't the right word...although if I hit the hallucination stage due to illness/sleep deprivation it might be. I swear, colds lurk in the shadows just to attack at the most inconvenient times possible. Ahhh...procrastination.

I may have mentioned this before, but it's not like I *care* if I'm repetitive, so I'll mention it again (possibly). Every Tuesday & Thursday (and a lot of Wednesdays too), I walk past those trailers that hold construction offices on construction sites. And on the outside of said trailer, there is a sign which reads: "This job has safely worked ___(fill in the blank) days," only without the part in parentheses. Anyway, every time I go past this sign, I look at it compulsively. And every time I look, it says 420. I don't know why it's frozen on that number. Maybe everyone at that construction site is a pothead, but if so, I don't know how they could go that many days without having an accident. Except potheads are limber (or is that only drunks?), so maybe they just bounced around after falling or something, and didn't actually get hurt, thus *technically* not having an accident.

The only other thing I wanted to discuss before I stop procrastinating is this. I saw a scrolling thing, which said, "Give Up Freedom For The Sake Of Short-Term Security" today. This got me thinking...how do you know the giving up freedom isn't permanent? Is it really that important to give up freedom for "short-term security" when the benefits are only short-term? What's the point of short-term security if you're going to be dead in the long-run? Blah blah blah, I'm going to stop now.

Oh! So These are the people to blame for the English language being the way it is...

nomenclator (n. NOH-mun-klay-tur)

1 : a book containing collections or lists of words

2 : one who gives names to or invents names for things

Nomenclator means name caller in Latin (from nomen, meaning name, and the verb calare, meaning to call). In ancient Rome, the nomenclator's job was to call out -- or to whisper in his boss's ear, as some would have it -- the names of people as they approached a candidate during a political rally. Whether the idea was to make the politician look good, as though he himself remembered everyone personally, or simply to apprise him of more names than he was ever expected to remember himself is open to question. What's quite certain is that in modern times the job title names one who creates new names for things. Nomenclator is applied especially to those who help create a nomenclature -- a system of terms for a particular discipline.

Oh wait, guess I lied and I wasn't *really* going to stop. Never, *Ever* mock or taunt the leaves. Because the leaves are the only thing that's *really* dangerous, even though you thought they were innocent. Do you have no idea what I'm talking about? Well, if you have the time to watch this, then you'll understand all about the Exalted Leaves and why you shouldn't mock them. Although, you might want to watch the other 9 earlier things if you want to have any idea about the plot. Although, really, who needs plot when one can just spout off at random about the Dreaded (Bus) Riders & their bus which says, "Hell on Ice"? (Their original bus broke down. Well, not really, the Noble One (who isn't very noble at all) stuck a banana in the tailpipe's bus and they didn't figure out that that was the problem.) And one musn't forget about...other things. I *really* need to stop procrastinating now. Hopefully I won't die between now and something like 21 hours or so from now. Ugh. Somebody put me in a coma now...at least then I'd have a good excuse.

P.S. Note to self: don't forget to rant about Boston Market & their "home-cooked style meals"

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