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Manipulating Time In Order to Maximize Procrastination

November 1st, 2001 - Time Unknown

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Ha! I have turned time backwards and it is now sometime Thursday rather than extremely early Friday morning. Ha. I wish. It would be nice if I had a whole other day to procrastinate from writing this paper rather than a few hours. Besides, this is just another one of those placeholder entries that I never delete anyway. People need to write me a message on my messageboard...well, not just him, but people in general too. It's a new month, there should be new messages, damnit! Today (or at least the day I'm pretending it is),

November 1 is .... Plan Your Epitaph Day (Wow. That's cheerful. Guess they really don't like November. Or they have a morbid fascination with their own death. Maybe they're old?)

Conundrums should be anathematized

anathematize (v. uh-NATH-uh-muh-tyze)

1 : to solemnly pronounce an ecclesiastical ban or curse upon (one who is being excommunicated)

2 : to denounce as accursed

When 16th-century English speakers needed a verb meaning to condemn by anathema (that is, by an official curse from church authority), anathematize proved to be just the right word. But anathematize didn't originate in English as a simple combination of the noun anathema plus the suffix -ize. Rather, our verb is based on forebears in Late Latin(anathematizare) and Greek (anathematizein). Anathematize can still indicate solemn, formal condemnation, but today, it can have milder applications as well. The same is true of anathema, which now often means simply a vigorous denunciation.

conundrum (n. kuh-NUN-drum)

1. a riddle whose answer is or involves a pun

2 a: a question or problem having only a conjectural answer b: an intricate and difficult problem

The exact origin of conundrum isn't known with certainty. What is known is that the word has been in use since the early 1600s, and that it had various spellings, such as conimbrum, quonundrum, conuncrum, and quadundum, before the current spelling was finally established sometime in the mid-17th century. One theory of origin suggests that it was coined as a parody of Latin by students at Oxford University, where it appears to have enjoyed particular popularity in its word play or pun sense. While the prevalent sense in this century is that of the seemingly unanswerable question, frequently applied to heady dilemmas involving ethics, sociology, or economics, the word is sometimes so loosely applied to anything enigmatic as to be synonymous with puzzle or mystery.

Song of the Day: "Our House" by somebody or other...any guesses? Because I sure don't know.

Oh boy, was I on crack this time last year. I actually used to worry about not updating every day? Ha! Has that ever changed. On the other hand...I used to be a lot more interesting.

Oh yeah...10 years ago, on Halloween where I lived, there was this big blizzard and no one went trick or treating that year. Well, actually, that's a big lie. I went trick or treating anyway, even though the snow came up to at least my knees, maybe farther. It scares me that I remember things that were a decade ago. It makes me feel old. It was a great year to go trick or treating though. So much fun...but now I hate snow and wouldn't willingly go out into a blizzard to do that, even if it had stopped snowing and everything was quiet. That was eerie, but it was still cool. Oh, and that same year, there was another blizzard on Thanksgiving. I guess the weather just really didn't like holidays that year. Anyway, I just thought I'd share. Why, I have no idea.

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