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Damn Migraines.

October 23rd/24th, 2001 - 10:33 p.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

I'm so lazy. I haven't done more than copy and paste things in the hour and 20 minutes since I started this thing. Tsk, tsk. There are several things other than this that I could/should be doing right now. Some of which are for things like class, and some of which, such as "working" on writing chapter 7, are purely for me...well, me and a bunch of other people who read it and encourage me to write more. Honestly, I'm such a lazy person. And anti-social, don't forget that. If I could have things delivered, didn't have to leave to go to work, and had classes online only, I'd very seldom exit my room. And even rarely leave the building, especially since I might have to go down the hall to cook. Anyway, yesterday/today & today/tomorrow (damn the time for switching over to the next day),

October 23 is ..... National Mole Day (Ummm...the Mole? But why would we want to celebrate that? I hate "reality" tv.)

October 24 is ..... National Bologna Day (hmm...not liking that, well, maybe that kind of bologna. Or do they mean the city? Damn ambiguous days.)

Look Out for that Bus!

gravitate (v. GRAV-uh-tayt)

1 : to move under the influence of gravitation

2 a : to move toward something b : to be drawn or attracted especially by natural inclination

English has several weighty words descended from the Latin gravitas, meaning weight. The first to arrive on the scene was gravity, which appeared in the early 16th century (originally meaning dignity or sobriety of bearing, it quickly came to mean weight as well). Next came gravitation (used to describe the force of gravity) and gravitate -- both mid-17th century arrivals. Gravitate once meant to apply weight or pressure, but that use is now obsolete. In the late 17th century, it was recorded in the sense to move under the effect of gravitation. It then acquired a more general sense of to move toward something (as toward a specific location), and finally a metaphorical third sense of to be attracted (as toward a person or a vocation).

omnibus (adj. AHM-nih-bus)

1 : of, relating to, or providing for many things at once

2 : containing or including many items

The adjective omnibus may not have much to do with public transportation, but the noun omnibus certainly does -- it not only means bus, it's also the word we shorten to form bus. The noun omnibus originated in the 1820s as a French word for long, horse-drawn vehicles that transported people along the main thoroughfares of Paris. Shortly thereafter, omnibuses -- and the noun omnibus -- arrived in New York. But in Latin, omnibus simply means for all. Our adjective omnibus, which arrived in the mid-1800s, seems to hark back to that Latin omnibus, though it may also have been at least partially influenced by the English noun. An omnibus bill containing numerous provisions, for example, could be likened to a bus loaded with people.

I probably would've updated last night, if I had been conscious that is. I wasn't, however, because I didn't sleep Sunday night, so sleeping Monday night seemed like a good idea. So, since I didn't do what I was going to do last night then, I'll do it now. Hence, I now present...the slightly derranged ramblings of some people as they desperately tried to stay awake during lecture:

This space dedicated to my mindles rambling so that I can try to stay awake during this God-awful lecture. What would zealots do without religion? Eeny-meeny-miney-moe, I've got Harry Potter by the toe. De dododo de dadada...Damn Sting and his very catchy songs! "muzack & potatoes" - Ha! Oh look, it's a semi-stream of consciousness! Noooooooo....!!! Anything but that! My mind likes to wander...especially when tired & bored... Kill da wabbit...kill da wabbit! Act & rule, rule & act...damn utilitarians! Children in fountains should save their own damn selves! They need to just stand up & stay out of the damn things. Apparently, when I get tired and decide to write myself notes during lecture, I become enamored of elipses and exclamation marks.

I am *so* going away now. Damn migraines.

Song Currently Stuck In My Head: Well, around noon, when I was going to write this after originally postponing it, the song in my head was "Live and Let Die" by...Paul McCartney maybe? But now it's been kicked out because I put on Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons", and nothing has replaced it yet.

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