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Hidden Shared Delusions?

October 16th, 2001 - 2:55 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Hmm. No, I think there was actually a point there. It was a good point too. There might even have been more than one. This entry doesn't have a point though (like you were really expecting one? Come on now!). Well, no point except I felt like playing with colors. Sort of. It gets tiring to type in that same code all the time though. Oh, wait. That's what copy and paste is for. I had a lot of fun with that too. Hence, today,

October 16 is ..... Dictionary Day (Hmmm...appropriate, I suppose. After all, you can't find more words anywhere else. Except they're not used very creatively there.)

Word From the Dictionary

tocsin (n. tahk-sun)

1 : an alarm bell or the ringing of it

2 : a warning signal

When 16th-century writers wanted a word for ringing church bells to warn of impending danger, they borrowed the Middle French word toquassen. That word came from Old Provencal tocar, meaning to ring a bell, plus senh, meaning bell or sign. By the end of the 18th century, we'd switched to the modern French spelling tocsin (not to be confused with toxin, for a poisonous substance). Tocsin can still refer to literal bell ringing, but nowadays it's more likely to suggest a verbal warning, often of some dire consequence. It frequently occurs in the somewhat ominous sounding phrase sound the tocsin.

Quote of the Day: In all recorded history there has not been one economist who has had to worry about where the next meal would come from. -- Peter Drucker

That's it! Kill the economists and we'll all be fine. No, that seems a bit radical. Of course, we could always go on about the shared (delusional) belief where you combine "Wag the Dog" with "Conspiracy Theory" and come out with create-a-war with Mel Gibson & Willie Nelson and some other things. That'd make a good entry for people, since it was their idea in the first place and I'm not entirely convinced that I subscribe to it. It might be plausible, except for a few minor details. And I don't feel like copying & pasting the conversation I had about it yesterday either, so just deal. Ha. I think this entry is now longer than the actual entry I did earlier. Poor, poor me.

Gobbledy-gook contains no information, based on factual inconsistancies of false witness presented by whores from Alexia 9 born out of desperation in pyramids of glass...watch out for that rock! Silhouetted on the wall the yellow universe of the poor tiger boy. Fans sweep barren plains of solid silver. Golden lotus sees Ximen Ching as a pathetic fool. God watches in amusement as blue queens haunt evil smurfs. Matter becomes nothing and ceilings dance on windy plateaus of mirrored smoke. Black idols become brazen images of square pillows. Vain members of a classless society transform into balls of colored light. Fading light sees innocent victims crushed by the oncoming darkness. Darkness dies and light lives again, birthing the queue of paper dolls, mindless and two-dimensional. Girls wander through misty twillight, searching for time and space, finding nothing.

Please tell me I didn't just write a stream of consciousness entry, only as a hidden message?

I'm terribly amused. Or maybe not. What is real and what is not? Bed seems like a nice option about now.

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