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More Screenplay Pleas (sort of)

October 7th, 2001 - 2:41 a.m.

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So, I'm sitting here trying to play Word Riot at Pogo while writing my diary entry. It's not as easy as it sounds. Word Riot isn't exactly an easy game to multi-task to. There isn't much time to type between rounds and things. I'd probably be much better off playing Literati at Yahoo, but then again, Yahoo is evil and no one I know is currently playing that scrabble-esque game. Besides, I don't really like Literati all that much, I've already played it quite a bit today, AND they keep giving me screwy letters with no vowels or something equally annoying that's equally difficult to deal with. Of course, nothing compares to the evil that is Word Whomp, but then again, I haven't played that in awhile, so maybe it's not all that evil. Or maybe I don't play it precisely Because it's evil. I don't know, I'm rambling. Rambling, rolling...rolling rolling rolling, keep those doggies rolling... Yeah. That's enough channeling of my inner cowgirl, I'm sure. Besides, she's tired, she never gets that much excercise. So it's much better to just let her rest. We both prefer it that way. Yeah. I'm not really doing anything. I worked some on Ch. 6 (again, still, why isn't it finished yet?) earlier. Didn't lose too much when my computer decided to restart itself, which was a good thing. It could've been much worse. Much, Much worse. Anyway, today,

October 7 is ..... National Frappe Day (Frappe? What's frappe? Is that that speed on the blender that's really fast? Why would anyone give a blender speed a day?)

No! Not More Words!

torpor (n. TOR-per)

1 : mental or spiritual sluggishness : apathy, lethargy

2 : a state of mental and motor inactivity with partial or

total insensibility

Our English word torpor looks the same and means the same thing as Latin torpor. It stems from the Latin verb torpere, which means to be sluggish or listless. Torpor appeared around 1225 in an English text -- the "Ancren Riwle," a guide for religious recluses -- but apparently it was the Latin word that was being used in that case. Not until nearly 400 years later, in the early 1600s, did we instate torpor as a truly English word for both mental and physical sluggishness. The related adjective torpid (from Latin torpidus) also entered the language at about that same time.

proffer (v. PRAH-fer)

: to present for acceptance : tender, offer

You may notice a striking similarity between proffer and offer. Are the two words connected by etymology? Yes, indeed. Proffer comes from the Anglo-French profrer, which comes from the Old French poroffrir. That word in turn combines por- (which means forth and is related to our pro-) and offrir (which means to offer and is an ancestor of our word offer). Proffer entered English in the 14th century. A more literary word than plain offer, it adds or puts stress on the idea of voluntariness, spontaneity, or courtesy on the part of the one doing the tendering.

No one told me that they'd like to write that screenplay. Or even help me write it. A collaboration of sorts. Well, actually, that's a lie, some people actually asked if he could, but I doubt I'll ever see it happen. I suppose I'd do it myself, since no one other than me can *really* know what I'd like to do for it, but that means it'll never get done, seeing as how I've never written a screenplay in my life, have no experience writing horror/suspense, and don't think I'm capable of writing that genre either. I don't know. Maybe that's something I'll have to learn. Unless someone with a heck of a lot more experience than I've got wants to collaborate with me on a screenplay? I can give ideas and things, you just have to write it. Oh, and give me partial credit. It was my idea to begin with after all.

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