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Things Suck

September 8th, 2001 - 3:56 p.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Bureaucracies suck.

Correction: bureaucracies, computers, and sleep suck. Or maybe it's just being tired. Being tired sucks too. A lot of things suck. Including the tendency of this space bar to not work all the time, which leads me to using the backspace key more often than I'd like. Pyramids should always give off an eldritch blue glow after sunset. That has nothing to do with anything I've said previously, but non sequitors are fun and if you don't like it you can just go away.

Laughing in a computer lab makes other people stare at you as if you're insane. Yet another reason why computers suck. Also, another reason why I'd like my laptop back...b/c then I could laugh myself silly without any strange looks or having to wear acceptable clothing. Can't exactly play on the computer in my nightclothes. There are other reasons for me to miss my laptop as well. Hopefully I should have it back by a week from Tuesday. If not, I plan to go stark raving mad and run around with a cardboard helmet on pretending to be Ms. Monitor and making computer noises. I don't think I did yesterday, so yesterday, today, & tomorrow...

September 7 is ... Neither Rain Nor Snow Day (Umm...isn't this part of the Post Office Motto? Or was that Pony Express? Anyway, what's it doing here and why are they celebrating the motto? Why don't they just call it "post office appreciation day" or something? It can be a literal day, I'm sure you'd be able to find *somewhere* that had either rain or snow on that particular day.)

September 8 is ... National Date Nut Bread Day and Pardon Day (Pardon Date Nut Bread? What was it in prison for in the first place? I mean, what exactly could date nut bread do that would result in food being tried and convicted by either a judge or a jury?)

September 9 is ... Teddy Bear Day (Awww...)

La la la...

lampoon (v. lam-POON)

: to make the subject of a lampoon : ridicule

Lampoon can be a noun or a verb. The noun lampoon (meaning satire, or specifically "a harsh satire usually directed against an individual") was first used in English in 1645. The verb followed about a decade later. The words come from the French lampon, and probably originated with lampons, the first person plural imperative of lamper (to guzzle). Lampons! (meaning Let us guzzle!) was a frequent refrain in 17th-century French satirical poems.

verbiage (n. VER-bee-ij)

1 : a profusion of words usually of little or obscure content

2 : manner of expressing oneself in words : diction

Verbiage descends from Middle French verbier (to chatter), itself an offspring of Latin verbum (word). The usual sense of the word implies an overabundance of possibly unnecessary words. It is similar to wordiness, except that it stresses the superfluous words themselves more than the quality that produces them. In other words, a writer with a fondness for verbiage might be accused of wordiness. Some people think the phrase excess verbiage is redundant, but that's not necessarily true. In the early 19th century, verbiage developed a second sense meaning, simply, wording, with no suggestion of excess. This second definition has sometimes been treated as an error by people who insist that verbiage must always imply excessiveness, but that sense is well-established and can be considered standard.

Verbiage! That would be...oh, just about the entirety of this diary. Well, the first definition anyway. That might be the definition of *all* diaries actually. Something to think about. I never did explain the whole bureaucracy thing, did I? Do I want to? I don't know...I *do* have a barbeque to be going to. In fact, it's started already. Decisions, decisions. I take too long to write one of these things. Oh, bureaucracies suck because they're hard to spell and b/c I spent nearly 2 hours waiting to see someone, only to discover that the piece of paper informing others that I wished to be seen had been lost in a bunch of other papers the whole time and that my wait had been incredibly futile. Yay. Screw barbeques...socializing is over-rated anyway.

And being tired sucks too. It makes me sleep and wake up at strange times. I woke up at before 8 am two days in a row! I could've done it today too, if I hadn't refused out of hand do do such a silly thing. It's Saturday!!! Strange things have happened to my night-owl wakefullness. I think I should blame it on something. What, I don't know. I don't think jet-lag would still apply, if it ever did. Maybe I'll go to McDonald's or something soon. All this thinking is making me hungry.

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