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September 3rd, 2001 - 11:04 p.m.

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I survived the whole fiasco that is anytime I take a trip. Now the only question is how do I survive without my computer? I'm stuck using an iMac b/c my computer isn't here and the only computer available at the moment that *isn't* an iMac has issues. Namely, the i key on the computer only works when it feels like it. Sometimes you push the i key and it gives you an i, sometimes it doesn't and you have to push the i key another 5 times or so. Can you imagine what it's like to have a faulty i key? Why in the sentence before that question alone, there were 8 i's. It'd be highly irritating if I had to go back and make sure that everything had an i that was supposed to. And if I was actually writing something important? Good grief, I can just imagine the headache that would be. I already have a headache, I don't want another one. Although the one I have might be because I haven't exactly eaten anything today. Well, other than a little bit of fudge and 1 gummi worm, but I don't think those should really count. I keep telling myself that I'm going to go get something to eat soon, and then I find something else that I think of to do, and I tell myself, "well, since I'm already on the internet, I might as well do this too before I go out to find some food." And so, food is put off yet again.

I have that "I'm A Survivor" song stuck in my head. I don't know if I like it well enough to make it the song of the day, but I thought I'd mention it. Damn MTV and their videos which stick songs in my head. Anyway, yesterday/today & today/tomorrow (damn the day for changing while I write my diary entry)....

September 3 is ... Skyscraper Day (Hmmm...inanimate, very tall buildings get a day all of their own? I think the ranch houses should protest and go on strike. It's discrimination after all for the skyscrapers to get their own day when the ranch houses don't have a day of *their* own. You can't discriminate against ranch houses just because they're only one story and not made out of glass. It just isn't fair. It violates the equal rights amendment!)

September 4 is ... Newspaper Carrier Day (Why do the people who carry the newspapers get a day? And what exactly do they mean by "carrier"? Are they talking about the paperboy who throws the paper at your door in the morning or are they talking about the corporation or whatever that actually distributes the newspaper? Damn people for being vague and unspecific.)

Words & More Words &....

fastidious (adj. fas-TIH-dee-uss)

1 : having high and often unpredictable standards

2 : showing a meticulous or demanding attitude

There's nothing offensive about fastidious workmanship, and

yet the word fastidious traces to the Latin noun fastidium, meaning aversion or disgust. Fastidium itself is most likely a combination of the Latin words fastus, meaning arrogance, and taedium, meaning irksomeness or disgust. (Taedium also gave us our tedium.) In keeping with its Latin roots, fastidious once meant haughty, disgusting, and disgusted, although those uses are now archaic or obsolete. The word came to be applied to someone who was overly difficult to please or squeamish, and later, to work which reflected a

demanding or precise attitude.

asperse (v. uh-SPERSS)

1 : to sprinkle; especially : to sprinkle with holy water

2 : to attack with evil reports or false or injurious


You may be more familiar with the idea of casting

aspersions than with aspersing, although they mean essentially the same thing. Both asperse and aspersion are descendants of the Latin word aspersus, which is the past participle of the verb aspergere (or adspergere), meaning to sprinkle. Asperse is the older word, dating to at least 1490, while aspersion first appeared in print in English around 1587. Aspersion also has an earlier meaning of a sprinkling with holy water, but in both cases the sprinkling now tends to be more figurative (and less well-meaning).

Terry Pratchett is amusing. I command you all to go find a Discworld book and read it. Fudge is yummy but no substitute for real food if you haven't eaten anything else. I have to go unpack or something now. Well, if I don't find something else to do on the internet anyway.

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