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Headache? Headache? I'll Show You A Headache!

September 1st, 2001 - 3:11 am

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Headache? HEADACHE?!?!? You want to discuss a headache? Try the day I've had. Let's see...first of all, my computer will not be ready to go with me on my trip, so I have to make special arrangements to have the repair people ship my computer first to the original store, and then have it transferred to a store closer to where I shall be, which means it has to be shipped twice, thus creating a long shipping time for my already tardy computer, which I will need. Plus there's the fact that my computer is waiting for a backordered part before repairs are complete to be shipped back to Radioshack and again to another one. So it'll be Sept. 7th or so before it gets to the first Radioshack and then another possibly 5 days before it gets to me. This is almost as bad as last year when my printer went around in circles by UPS for a month before it finally arrived, looking as if it had gone through a war zone. Me without a computer might just drive me insane, so don't look for me to be updating this diary anytime soon, unless I can get access elsewhere, which is possible, I suppose.

Oh, then! THEN! And here's the BIG headache...I was looking at my reservations for my plane tickets earlier, and I suddenly noticed this little message which said they were issued as paper tickets and that they should arrive in 5-7 days or something. The problem with this is...I NEVER GOT THEM. They went to the wrong address, even though I swear that I changed the address in my profile *before* I bought the tickets, it apparently didn't take. *And* since the stupid fucking mailroom at my cheapskate university will NEVER forward something like that, because it would probably cost them money, I didn't get my tickets. Even if, by some miracle, they *had* forwarded my tickets, it takes them a million years to get one piece of mail from there to here, so there's no way it would've gotten here anyway.

Soooo...I had to call the people from whom I got the tickets originally, they told me to call the airlines, but by the time I got off the phone with those people, Airtran's reservation system people had left. The close at 1 am EST, and I called them about ten minutes after that. But of course, I didn't know that they closed then, so I ended up on hold for about 50 minutes before I gave up and went back online to look at their website, where I found out that I'll have to wait until the morning to call them. MAYBE if I'm *extremely* lucky, I'll be able to get them to reissue the tickets or something without it costing me an arm and a leg that I don't have to get it. We'll see...but after this day, I *REALLY* feel like crying.

I have to finish this diary entry before I leave, plus pack, call the airlines later this morning, and hopefully finish my fourth chapter...all before 8 am. And it's already 2:15 now. Oh joy. Somebody shoot me.

So today, tomorrow, & tomorrow (I'm working in advance), horrible that it is...

August 31 is ...... National Trail Mix Day (Further proof that today is a bad day...Trail Mix day? Icky.)

September 1 is ... Emma M. Nutt Day (Who the frig is that and what did she do to deserve a day? Is she supporting my...I'm going to go insane project? Is that why she's got a last name of Nutt?)

September 2 is ... National Beheading Day (Yay! Behead the airlines, behead the airlines! I want it to be Monday already...good grief...I just said that I *wished* it was Monday...and I hate Mondays. Oh yeah, today is a bad day.)

Some Words or Something (Like I Care At This Point)...

diminution (n. dih-muh-NOO-shun or dih-muh-NYOO-shun)

:the act, process, or an instance of diminishing : decrease

We find diminution laid down in print for the first time in Geoffrey Chaucer's poetical work _Troilus and Criseyde_. Chaucer used make diminution in contrast to the verb increase (he could have used the verb decrease, but he needed to create a weak rhyme with discretion). Not unusually, diminution came to English by way of Middle French from Latin. Its Latin ancestor deminuere (to diminish) is also an ancestor of diminishment, a synonym of diminution that English speakers have been using since the 16th century.

soiree (n. swah-RAY)

: a party or reception held in the evening

Soiree is borrowed from French, in which it means evening party, or simply evening. The French word comes from the Latin adverb sero (meaning at a late hour), which comes from the Latin adjective serus (meaning late). English speakers began using soiree early in the 19th century, and later in the century, some began to use the word as a verb meaning to entertain at an evening party. The verb use of the word never became firmly established, but the sophisticated-sounding noun soiree remains a popular alternative to the comparatively prosaic party.

supersede (v. soo-per-SEED)

1 : to cause to be set aside

2 : to take the place, room, or position of

3 : to displace in favor of another

Supersede is ultimately derived from the Latin verb supersedere, meaning "to be superior to." However, supersede also passed through Middle English, where it was rendered superceden. It may be no surprise that modern English speakers can be confused as to how to spell this word -- it sometimes turns up as supercede. In fact, the earliest record of the word in English shows it spelled with a "c" (although the "s" spelling has been the dominant choice since it first appeared in the late 15th century). Although both spellings can be etymologically justified, supersede continues to be regarded as the correct version. Supercede could be considered a variant (albeit the less frequent one) after several centuries of use, but it may still draw criticism.

I'd have a song of the day or something, but today sucks anyway, so it doesn't deserve one. It's been a bad day and doesn't get a song. Bad day, bad!

I was watching Hollywood Squares the other day. I think it was Wednesday or Tuesday or Thursday...one of those days. Anyway, watching that show lead me to think about Whoopi Goldberg. She owns that show you know. It's a product of "One Ho Productions" which is personally owned by her. Anyway, I think she bought that show just so that she could put herself in the center square all the time, knowing that everyone *always* picks the center square. She must have a very big ego that needs stroking. So that's why no one else ever gets to sit in the center square. That and maybe she's bored. Why would anyone *willingly* play Hollywood Squares all the time?

I saw "Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back" Wed. evening. I'd talk about that, but I'm upset, so screw it. Basically it was fairly crass in places, but I laughed really hard in some spots as well. The only thing that really surprised me was the number of semi-stars they pulled out of various movies and popular tv series to show up for cameos. They pulled a couple of people who used to play on Buffy (Riley & Faith), someone from Dawson's Creek, Jason Biggs from American Pie, a bunch of others, and they mocked a lot of things that I found amusing. Anyway, that's all...I just can't write anything in this anymore. I've got more things to go before 8 am...which is in about 4 hours and 50 minutes from now.

P.S. Have a nice time at the State Fair Chad.

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