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2001-08-20 - 4:43 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Hanson has taken the oh-so important and high profile job of endorsers of Wal-Mart. They are seen exclusively on Wal-Mart's television channel, which only plays in actual Wal-Marts. They're one step above or below starring in informercials, like that woman who used to play Angela on "Who's the Boss?" in the 80's when Alyssa Milano wasn't *quite* an enormous slut yet. Judith Light (I think that's her name) has been reduced to pushing some anti-acne substance of dubious origins on late-night infomercials. Obviously her career has gone far...

Song of the Day: "Low Rider" by War. Just b/c it's on and it kicks ass.

Something With Words & Explanations...

factitious (adj. fak-TIH-shuss)

1 : produced by humans rather than by natural forces

2 a : formed by or adapted to an artificial or conventional standard b : produced by special effort : sham

Like the common words fact and factual, factitious ultimately comes from the Latin verb facere, meaning "to do" or "to make." But in current use, factitious has little to do with things factual and true -- actually, factitious often implies the opposite. The most immediate ancestor of factitious is the Latin adjective facticius, meaning "made by art" or artificial. When English speakers first adopted the word as factitious in the 17th century, it meant "produced by human effort or skill" (rather than arising from nature). This meaning gave rise to such meanings as artificial and false or feigned.

Brigadoon (n. brih-guh-DOON)

: a place that is idyllic, unaffected by time, or remote from reality

This word is from the popular 1947 stage musical

_Brigadoon_, by Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe. In the

musical, Brigadoon is a Scottish village that is protected from the outside world by a magic spell from which the village awakens every hundred years. In the story, love bridges the gap when a lonely, 20th-century boy meets a beautiful, 18th-century girl. In the past few decades, the word Brigadoon has often been applied to places that resemble the fictional village -- that is, places that are old-fashioned, idyllic, or out of touch with reality.

cosmeticize (v. kahz-MEH-tuh-size)

: to make (something unpleasant or ugly) superficially


Cosmeticize first appeared in print in the early 19th century as a descendant of the noun cosmetic. Originally, its use was often literal, with the meaning "to apply a cosmetic to," but today it is usually used figuratively. Cosmeticize does occasionally draw criticism; usage commentators are sometimes irritated by verbs coined using "-ize" as they can sound like silly, one-time words. However, cosmeticize is fairly well-established in contrast with the two other, rarer verbs that have been derived from cosmetic: cosmetize, which often turns up in the literal sense that has been mostly lost from cosmeticize (cosmetize the face), and cosmetic, which can be literal or figurative (cosmeticked with bright rouge; embellished and cosmeticked).

I went to the fair. I had comments about the fair, but what with mail.com pissing me off and everything, the comments have just evaporated into the ether, never to be retrieved. I had Dippin' Dots at the fair though. That was spiffy. Dippin' Dots are good but won't be coming to a grocery store near you anytime soon. Which is really a shame...I wish I got the chance to eat those more often. I could put up the day and stuff, but that would require work and I'm tired of seeing this box, so I'm just going to update now. Oddly enough, regardless of the size you make your entry box, the size of your entries doesn't change a bit. Unless you put a lot of exclamation points or one *really* long unbroken word in the entry...then the size gets bigger and is dependent upon the length of that word.

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