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August 13th, 2001 - 2:14 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

La la la...Oh look, it's Springer! We continue our disparagement against Springer as follows. The beginning of Springer said, "Please welcome the 8th Wonder of the World...Jerry Springer!" What's up with TV shows and excessive hyperbole anyway? I mean, aren't they man-made wonders, the wonders of the world? So does that mean Springer is a robot or something? How exactly does he qualify as a wonder of the world? And aren't all the wonders of the world ancient? Which category of the wonders of the world does Jerry Springer fit into? The ancient wonders of the world, the seven natural wonders of the world? What? Frankly, the only wonder of Springer is how do they find such entertaining trash to show all the time? Basically, Springer's talk show centers around sluts, hookers, prostitutes, strippers, fat people, family members, and people with extremely horrible fashion sense confessing that they're cheating on someone with someone else. Right now, there's a pregnant redheaded Southern woman confessing that she's sleeping with her cousin's (whom she lives with)wife. I don't know if it's more frightening that these people exist, or that some writer created this icky scenario.

So now, yesterday (Happy Birthday Peggy! Even though you'll never see this) and today...

August 12 is ...... Middle Child's Day (whee...I wouldn't know about this, there aren't any middle children here. Just first and last, well, maybe Grandpa's a middle child, I don't know.)

August 13 is ...... Blame Someone Else Day (Didn't we have this day already? Is there more than one day when you're supposed to blame somebody else, or did I copy things wrong or what?)

The Song of the "Day": "Start the Commotion" by Wiseguys. This is the song that is more familiar as that song for that Mazda commercial where they all bounce in the car and stuff. It's a good song, it makes me want to dance. I would swear I'm not the only one who wanted to know what that song for that commercial was either.

More Words For Your Edification

fealty (n. FEEL-tee)

1 a : the fidelity of a vassal or feudal tenant to his lord b : the obligation of such fidelity

2 : intense fidelity

In 1626, Francis Bacon explained, "Fealty is to take an oath upon a book, that he will be a faithful Tenant to the King." That's a pretty accurate summary of the early meaning of fealty. Early forms of the term were used in Middle English around 1300, when they specifically designated the loyalty of a vassal to a lord. Eventually, the meaning of the word broadened. Fealty can be paid to a country, a principle, or a leader of any kind -- though synonyms fidelity and loyalty are more commonly used. Fealty comes from the Old French word feelte, or fealte, which comes from the Latin fidelitat-, fidelitas, meaning fidelity. These words are ultimately derived from fides, the Latin word for faith.

pleonasm (n. PLEE-uh-naz-um)

1 : the use of more words than those necessary to denote mere sense : redundancy

2 : an instance or example of pleonasm

Pleonasm, which stems via Latin from the Greek verb pleonazein (to be in excess), is a fancy word for redundancy. It's related to our words plus and plenty, and ultimately it goes back to the Greek word for more, which is pleon. Pleonasm is commonly considered a fault of style, but it can also serve a useful function. Extra words can sometimes be helpful to a speaker or writer in getting a message across, adding emphasis, or simply adding an appealing sound and rhythm to a phrase -- as, for example, with the pleonasm "I saw it with my own eyes!"

Oooh, and finally...last night, at about 10 pm, the strangest thing that has happened this entire summer, perhaps this entire year, occured. At about 10 pm, the doorbell rang. Twice. I went and answered it, and there at the door stood a man. A strange man. Now, first of all, you have to understand that I live in The Middle of Nowhere™. The middle of nowhere, as a rule, contains very few people. And all of the people it Does contain are known to each other. Not only that, but people who visit just come in, as their arrival has been previously announced. Further, no one comes a-visiting that late at night...ever. All this, taken together makes for a bizarre scene. Even more strange, however, was who this person was and what they were looking for. This guy was from Manitoba, Canada and he was looking for Sunset Colony, which is one of the Hutterite colonies around here, apparently North of Britton or someplace, which I didn't know. Hutterites are strange religious people, kind of like the Amish, I guess. Anyway, it was just really, really strange and that concludes the wonderful and weird world of "My Life" for this evening. Or something...

P.S. I hit the "done!" button...just as my computer decided it didn't want to be online anymore. I'm just really happy it didn't delete this entry like it really likes to do a lot of the time.

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