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August 5th, 2001 - 3:48 a.m.

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You know, there really are times when I wish it was possible to write an entry without actually writing an entry. For those times when you have things to say, but don't feel like writing them down or anything. Instant entry writing. That'd be good. Cause I feel like that now, which means this entry won't be anywhere near as good as it potentially *could* have been if I'd been inclined to write this.

I was at the State Fair Friday. I saw it on something like 3 hours of sleep. Unlike people, this is not enough sleep for me to function on if you'd like me to remain pleasant to the human race. But moving on...I found something for my much bemoaned headaches, rode the double ferris wheel (those things are really damn cool btw), and since it was Native American Day at the fair, watched the hoop dance. I'd seen it before, but it's still cool, and highly recommended, if you can find one. Their philosophy is quite beautiful as religious philosophies go. Oh, and we saw part of the show FourShadow did as well. FourShadow wasn't too bad. Besides the cute play on words, they were pretty good. They sing a capella and do mostly covers from other bands, but the one or two original songs they did were really quite amusing. Note: I haven't actually looked at their website, so don't blame me if it turns out to be something odd.

While I was at the State Fair, I discovered proof positive that we as a society are entirely too addicted to our computers. There was a building on the fairgrounds which was dedicated to energy-type things. Electricity, gas, wind-driven electric power, etc. Anyway, this building was not only air conditioned, which was a real waste of energy considering the really big garage-door type space which was open to the really hot weather outside, but it also contained about 20 or so computers where you could connect to the internet for about 20 minutes. I thought about getting on one and writing an entry for here, but I wasn't fond of the lines, so I didn't.

It is TOO DAMN HOT. The frig? The weather's been the same for a week or so...too damn hot every damn day. Weather is supposed to change and be contrary and stuff damnit, that's why it's all unpredictable and stuff. I bet every diaryland person who lives in the Midwest is whining about the weather this week. Except maybe for those freaks who actually like it when it's this hot. And they can jus go the frig away b/c I don't want to hear anything about the weather unless it's one of two things. One, it's going to get cooler and rain or two, it's going to get cooler and rain. I thought about not jumping on the "I hate the weather" bandwagon, but I just couldn't resist. I need to move someplace where it's about the same temperature all year around and the humidity isn't that high. Oh yeah, and someplace with very few natural disasters. No earthquakes, floods, tornadoes (well, actually I can deal with those), wildfires, mudslides, or what have you. And if I ever found this place, it'd be crowded with so many tourists that the crime rate would be astronomical and there'd be something else wrong with it, like it'd be run by a dictator who had a penchant for killing people just out of habit.

I was productive today. That scared me...being productive is evil in some vague undefinable way. Oh, and just as a note to someone who reads this, I found out what they do with those windmill things. There's a converter inside the engine thing up top, and there isn't a variable of speed b/c no matter how fast the wind blows, those windmill things always turn at the same rate. I don't know how they get them to turn at the same speed all the time...I think the guy I was talking to said there was a throttle inside. I'm going back to writing something else now, that's what I was doing earlier after all.

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