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August 2nd, 2001 - 4:00 a.m.

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So, let's start off with the days (appropriately.) Yesterday and today,

August 1 is ...... Friendship Day and National Raspberry Cream Pie Day (hmm...friendship is important, but I don't know if it's on the same level as Raspberry Cream Pie...is that even any good?)

August 2 is ...... National Ice Cream Sandwich Day (Oooh...yum! I haven't had these in a long time...and is it just me or are the summer months rather obsessed with ice cream things? I mean, I can see the point, just so long as they don't go overboard. You know, as long as they don't go and declare some day "ice day" or "blizzard day" or something.)

The frig?!?! When'd it get to be August? Damn time. Damn time, damn time, damn time. I'd reference some things here, but I don't want to go look for that entry, and neither did anyone else, so nobody gets referenced or linked. I don't really have anything to say, because I'm busy, but it's been a couple days, so I feel compelled. Busy, busy, busy...relatives and writing other things and stuff. It's been fun. Built-in response system for my writing, which is really nice because no one ever sends me e-mails for this thing, that's for sure. Oh, last night I was looking outside and the moon was this cool orangish-red color. I have been informed by persons who shall remain nameless (well, they have names, I'm just not inclined to give them) that this is called a blood moon. I was wondering why that happens...I mean, there has to be some scientific reason for it, why it happens, when, etc. I'd just like to know what it is.

La la...words or something...

aught (pronoun AWT or AHT)

1 : anything

2 : all, everything

"For aught I know, my lord, they do," answers the Duke of Aumerle to a question from his father in Shakespeare's _Richard II_. Shakespeare didn't coin the pronoun aught, which has been a part of the English language since before the 12th century, but he did put it to frequent use. Plenty of other literary lights have found aught to be a useful term over the years, too. Writers living today may be less likely to employ aught than were their predecessors, but the pronoun does continue to turn up occasionally. Aught can also be a noun meaning zero, and in recent years the phrase the aughts has been bandied about as a proposed label for the decade that began in the year 2000.

baleful (adj. BAIL-ful)

1 : deadly or pernicious in influence

2 : foreboding evil : ominous

The bale of baleful comes from the Old English bealu (evil), and the bane of the similar-looking baneful comes from the Old English bana (slayer, murderer). Baleful and baneful are similar in meaning as well as appearance, and they are sometimes used in quite similar contexts -- but they usually differ in emphasis. Baleful typically describes what threatens or portends evil (e.g., a baleful look, baleful predictions). Baneful applies typically to what causes evil or destruction (e.g., a baneful secret, the baneful bite of the serpent). Both words are used to modify terms like influence, effect, and result, and in such uses there is little that distinguishes them.

And now, for lack of anything better to talk about...the television segments.

Oooh...poor, poor Minnesota Viking. And I thought only old people died of that.

Speaking of somewhat depressing television things...PSA's are getting really frightening. The one on earlier proclaimed at the end, "Never Never Never Shake A Baby." It's not nearly as bad as that other one though. Anyway, I was wondering, can I shake the baby if it's made out of plastic?

Oh, and I suppose rather finally.... Trailer Trash Monster Truck Home Wreckers...Next on Springer. Well, that wasn't the actual title of the Springer show, and the home wrecker wasn't someone who broke up a marraige, but was someone who literally wrecked their trailer using a monster truck. Still, it was almost as entertaining as a soap opera.

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