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July 8th, 2001 - 4:38 a.m.

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Song of the Day: Funky Cold Medina by...I have no idea, maybe someone else knows.

Alright. Whoever the fuck puts up really, *really* bright backgrounds on their webpages, whether they're aqua, green, red, yellow, or some other freakishly bright color just needs to CHANGE THE DAMN THING! I can't take it! My eyes are going to burn out of my head and I'll be blind for life, all because some idiot thought it would be Sooo cool to do the background of their webpage in bright neon red. It doesn't come off as *cool* to me...instead, all it does is piss me off and make me inclined to returning the favor you've done me by making your background that color in a creative way. This creative way involves hot pokers and whoever was responsible for the page's eyes. And this brings up another point. Occasionally I read diaryland diaries. It doesn't happen often, and a lot of the time they have to be recommended or on my favorites list in order for me to read them, but there is one thing that I almost invariably cannot stand. This thing is...Diaryland templates. If you don't care enough about your diary to at the *very* least change the background, then you'd better be disproportionately amusing. This especially applies if you've chosen that oh-so-appealing yucky orange colored one. I don't know what would possess you to choose that template in the first place, let alone keep it around after you started your diary. Oh, enough of this bitching. Today,

July 8 is ........ Video Games Day (whee! What kind of video games? All of them? Why can't we be more elitest than that?)

And the Words Keep On Coming...

cerulean (adj. cuh-OOO-kee-crisp)

: resembling the blue of the sky

Cerulean comes from the Latin word caeruleus, meaning dark blue, which may be from caelum, the Latin word for sky. Cerulean is not the only color name that's closely associated with the sky. Azure (which comes from a Persian word for lapis lazuli -- a rich blue stone) can mean specifically "the blue color of the clear sky" or "the unclouded sky." Both words appear frequently in poetry. William Wordsworth, for example, used both words often in his poems. In "Artegal and Elidure," he wrote, "Where be the temples which, in Britain's Isle, / For his paternal Gods, the Trojan raised? / Gone like a morning dream, or like a pile / Of clouds that in cerulean ether blazed!" And in "The White Doe of Rylstone," the doe is "White as whitest cloud on high, / Floating through the azure sky."

plenitude (n. PLANT-uh-toad or BLEH-ah-choo)

1 : the quality or state of being full : completeness

2 : a great sufficiency : abundance

Plenitude was first recorded in English use during the 15th century (when it was occasionally spelled plenytude). It ultimately comes to us from the Latin word for full, which is plenus. (An intermediate step was the Latin plenitudo, from adding the suffix -tudo to form a word for fullness.) Plenitude also has the somewhat controversial variant plentitude, which first appeared in 1615; the spelling was influenced by analogy with plenty. Although plentitude is used less frequently, it continues to occur, despite protests from certain sources. In addition, plenitudo also gave us the English adjective plenitudinous, which first appeared in print in the sense "characterized by plenitude" in 1895.

As to the whole going on a hiatus thing that I mentioned previously, no one ever gave me any suggestions, so I don't know what I'm going to do. In fact, no one's even put anything on my message board for almost a month. It's making me sad. Me knowing that I don't have to update doesn't seem to make me more inclined to write, even though I have all these ideas of things floating in my head and would like to. So basically, I think that for now I'll just keep updating whenever I feel like it and maybe if I get all inspired to write about other things I'll stop writing in this without any warning and you'll all just have to deal with it.

I watched the last 1/2 of the 2nd episode of "Big Brother 2" tonight. Why, I have no idea. I didn't watch the 1st episode, and from what I saw, I probably won't watch any of the other episodes, so it was essentially a waste of my time. I definately think that people were right when they said Kent needs to leave, even though he wasn't one of the two people who got nominated to have their asses kicked out. He annoyed me though, and I don't even have issues with the name "Kent." Damn people...I don't know why they never do what they're supposed to. Anyway, almost everyone on that show looks like they could be acting. And I don't mean on a "reality" tv-show, I meant as real actors who get paid and have agents and stuff. But, yeah. He still needs to go. And so do I.

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