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June 18th, 2001 - 3:12 a.m.

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Bah. I have nothing to put in this entry. I'm only doing this because I asked someone if I wanted to do an entry and they said, "if you have to ask, you have to update, because you secretly want to and need to be told, or you wouldnt be looking for acceptance or whatever." I don't have a day for today, because I didn't think I was going to be updating until at least the 19th, and I was wrong. Damn things.

There were weird stretches of time today when I was out like a light...but I clicked back on. Damn switches. (Okay, that was a lot funnier earlier when it amused someone who was already tired. Moving on.)

Enh. Some Word-type thing...

dolorous (adj. DOH! la-ti-so or DAH-dah-dah)

: causing, marked by, or expressing misery or grief

"No medicine may prevail . . . till the same dolorous tooth be . . . plucked up by the roots." When dolorous first appeared around 1400, it was linked to physical pain -- and appropriately so, since the word is a descendant of the Latin word dolor, meaning pain as well as grief. (Today, dolor is also an English word meaning sorrow.) When the British surgeon John Banister wrote the above quotation in 1578, dolorous could mean either causing pain or distressful, sorrowful. "The death of the earl [was] dolorous to all Englishmen," the English historian Edward Hall had written a few decades earlier. The causing pain sense of dolorous coexisted with the sorrowful sense for centuries before slipping from use in the 19th century.

So, in lieu of anything interesting, informative, mildly amusing, or even worth putting on this diary, we present music mania and abundant drivel.

These songs are spiffy songs and are the songs of the day x 4...but it's not like I've done this in awhile. Anyone know what and who sings that last song? I'm pretty sure that's the chorus down there. And the Jimi Hendrix song, I haven't the slightest idea what they say in it, but I still like it. I'm a strange woman.

Don't Stop - Fleetwood Mac

Live & Let Die - Guns N' Roses

Return of Jimi Hendrix - The Waterboys

Lean on me, when you're not strong...and I'll be your faith, I'll help you carry on. For, it won't be long, till I'm going to need... somebody to lean on.

Oh yeah, and in closing, Franklin D. Roosevelt is an Atlien from Xandor who went into hiding after the assassination of Prozac in the early part of this century by becoming President of the United States. (President is a lousy job on Xandor. They think it's worse than becoming chief throg cleaner. That's why he hid on another planet doing a job that's repugnant and abhorrent to the Atliens.)

P.S. I hate Ann Landers ha! Oh yeah, and the edit/delete feature is occasionally quite lovely. In addition, it's too bloody late & I should go to bed, but am I? Not hardly.

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