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The end of the K-MARX road...

2001-06-05 - 1:40 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Hansboro, North Dakota (AP) In what had become a bitter bloody battle at the Canadian-US border over undisclosed terroristic threats made by a rogue group of militant pro-canadians known as C-MART, which to the best of anybodies abilities means Canadian Males Are Raging Terrorists, atleast thats the last word we got out of the FBI branch in North Dakota. After a week of gun fire and hand to hand combat, they finally were able to sneak away from the compound and board an airplane, in which they highjacked and attempted to fly to an undisclosed location in Canada, but the plane crashed into Lake Winnepeg, as of now, the survivors are unknown, there were thought to be 7 members of C-MART, along with a hostage that was only known as Jeaque. More information when it becomes available.

Chad F'n Ewerez: *throws the paper across the room* Arg, how stupid the american press is, nothing they ever say has any accuracy, eh?

Willy Baker: Hey yo, mang, hold up, the friend of mine I was talking about the other day is here, he can hook us up with some serious weaponary. Odelay bruh, come on in 'chenzo

Deichenzo Ciderini: *looks at Chad F'n Ewerez* Its you.

Chad F'n Ewerez: Do I know you?

Deichenzo Ciderini: No, but I know you...Chad Ewers

Chad F'n Ewerez: The names Chad Ewerez, fool.

Deichenzo Ciderini: Wrong damn thing to say to me, given your history with my family...

Chad F'n Ewerez: Your family?

Deichenzo Ciderini: You killed my cousin, bitch.

Chad F'n Ewerez: Your cousin?

Deichenzo Ciderini: Is there an echo in here or something? Deicider.

Chad F'n Ewerez: X?

Deichenzo Ciderini: And the original...

Chad F'n Ewerez: I killed them both, so?

Deichenzo Ciderini: *pops a cap between Chad F'n Ewerez' eyes*

Tank: Hey, whuffer did ya do dat? Ya won't git away wif this, we is all willin' t'die fo' this hyar cuaze, so yo'll hafta kill us all, ah reckon.

Deichenzo Ciderini: Who's with this fool?

All members of K-MARX: *Step forward*

Deichenzo Ciderini: So it was said, it shall be done. *pops caps in everyone that steps forward, turns around to see a young lady standing alone* Who are you?

Tank laying on the ground bleeding: Thets Kioq...

Deichenzo Ciderini: *shoots Tank one last time in the head* Kioq, huh?

Kioq: Actually, my name is...

Deichenzo Ciderini: I dont care what your name is, get out of here before I shoot you too.

Kioq: Yessir. *runs as fast as she can*

Deichenzo Ciderini: *looks down at the bodies* Screw you guys, Im going home...

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