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It's A Double-Mint Day

April 30th/May 1st, even though it's the 2nd, 2001 - 12:54 a.m.

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La la la...I have nothing to write about. Well, I could babble about Buffy and stuff, but to be honest, I didn't exactly do what I said I was going to do. I mean, I didn't exactly *not* sleep, but there wasn't a lot of sleep involved, given what I really would rather have. I just basically want to get this over with. So this entry's going to be rather abbreviated as well. Aren't you lucky? Not too abbreviated since I've got 2 words and 2 news snippets, and 2 days of the week, since I was copying and pasting stuff early this morning, like 2 amish, when I normally write these things. Basically, it's a two-for-one entry. Or something like that. Although if you're going to have a two-for-one something, don't you actually have to buy something? Oh who knows. Today and yesterday,

April 30 is ....... National Honesty Day (whee. Just like we need a day to tell us to lie, we also need a day which tells us to be honest. In fact, we might need honesty day more, since it's more rare than the lying thing.)

May 1 is ......... Mother Goose Day and Save The Rhino Day (Okay...storytime apparently.)

Do I really want to type anything before I do the words of the day? I guess so. Might as well do the thing I've got written down now. Or I could talk about Buffy/Angel. Or both. That'd work too. Sometimes I wonder who I'm talking to...and then one of those voices in my head answer and I remember. Does anyone know how to edit the code of those diaryring things so that I can change them? I'm sorry, but that cat one is just starting to get on my nerves. Friggin fluorescent pink. Okay, so Angel/Buffy. I have to say the whole Tara going nuts thing was completely unexpected. And I guess the her accidently revealing that Dawn was the key at the end was sort of expected, given that they have to find Some way to wrap up the whole Glory thing before the end of the season and Buffy moves to UPN (yes, this still upsets me). And they won't have to tediously torture Buffy's friends and relatives at a rate of 1 per episode anymore. And this way there won't be any blame attatched to a specific person for telling Glory who the key is, since you can't really blame Tara when she's nuts. As for Angel, I thought it was going to get boring, but dumping Cordelia into another dimension was a pleasant surprise. All in all, the episode was better than the preview. I thought it was just going to be some sleazy director guy thing for the whole episode. The preview for this week's episode sucked royally...little to nothing to do with the episode. They so could've made that preview better. Anyway...next week is the beginning or second of the final four episodes of Buffy on the WB. This is really going to suck. I'm going to miss the last 2 or 3 episodes b/c they don't get the WB where I'm going. I don't suppose anyone wants to take pity on me and my plight and tape them for me so I can see them? Of course, that means you'd have to mail them to me or come visit...(hint hint people)...but I'd be happy, really I would. I'd also thank you publicly? Oh, that might not be a big swaying factor. Nevermind. I'll thank you on my diary for the 3 people who read this to see? Okay...now on to other things...

Complaisant Pantheons Are Nice, but Rarely Occur

complaisant (adj. kuhm-PLAY-cunt)

1 : marked by an inclination to please or oblige or by courteous agreeability

2 : marked by a willingness to consent to others' wishes or to lend oneself compliantly to their purposes

Complaisant and complacent are often confused -- and no wonder. Not only do they look and sound alike, but they also both derive ultimately from Latin complacere, meaning to please greatly. Complacent usually means self-satisfied or unconcerned, but it also shares with complaisant the sense of feeling or showing desire to please. This sense of complacent is an old one, but that hasn't kept language critics from labeling it as an error -- and on the whole, modern writers do prefer complaisant for this meaning. Conversely, complaisant is sometimes mistakenly used in contexts such as complaisant about the injustices, where complacent, with its sense of marked unconcerned acceptance, should go. One aid is to remember that with the preposition about, you probably want complacent.

pantheon (n. dish-PAN-hands or PANT-thee-more)

1 : a temple dedicated to all the gods; also : the gods of a people

2 : a group of illustrious persons

The first known reference in English to that most famous Pantheon, the circular domed temple built in Rome more than 19 centuries ago (and still standing), was made around 1300. We can easily identify the origins of the temple's name, which the Romans borrowed from the Greek word for a temple honoring all their gods. That Greek word, pantheion, combines pan- (all) and theos (god). Later on, in English, all the gods was used to mean just that -- a pantheon could be a collective of gods (as the Egyptian pantheon). We stop short of worshiping outstanding men and women as actual gods, of course, but nevertheless, about 50 years ago we also began using this venerable word for any eminent company of the highly venerated.

Whee...and now, the ever popular News Snippets with my bitchslapping of the government and comments following...

Who said the Imperial Presidency died with the Cold War? Spanish officials have been stunned to learn from the White House that President George W. Bush will be bringing an entourage of 700 people on his visit to Spain in June. This breaks all known presidential records. When King Juan Carlos visited the United States last year, his entourage (including press) totaled 39.

Umm...gee. 700 people?!?! Isn't that just a little excessive? I mean...700 people? What does he need 700 people for? Is he planning to populate a small town with them or something? I mean, he can't need That many Secret Service guys...this is only Spain after all. It's not like he's taking a trip to a war zone and needs a small army with him. More stupidity from the President I guess.

The lure of free food apparently wasn't enough to lure many members of Congress to the White House Monday for a luncheon marking President Bush's first 100 days in office.

Fewer than half of the 535 senators and representatives showed up. To the 143 Republican and about 50 Democratic members of Congress who did appear, the president thanked them for the "constructive spirit in which we've conducted the people's business." Some lawmakers privately said they opted not to change their schedules to attend while others said they had previous commitments in their home states. One, Rep. Jan Schakowsky, D-Ill., was quoted by her aides saying she didn't go to the White House because she felt there was little to cheer about and that she would not stand behind the administration and smile because she didn't feel "smiley" today.

Haaaaaaaaaa....this amuses me greatly. She wasn't feeling "smiley" today. Haaaaaaaaa...I'm sorry, but that's the best response to a question like that I've heard in a long time. I'm going to leave while I can't stop laughing now. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......

P.S. If you thought I was going to add another day to this entry, then you're crazy. I'll do that later today...like 7 pmish maybe. Maybe not. I am fickle after all.

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