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Sometimes Things Need to Not be So Contradictory.

April 25th, 2001 - 3:24 p.m.

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I started this entry last night close to midnight. Since I had stuff to talk about, but no real inclination to write a diary entry, I wrote my topics and copied and pasted the usual stuff, and then saved this and went to bed. I was sort of hoping my computer would explode or something while I was asleep, but that didn't happen, so now I have to be all careful and save rather regularly since it hasn't been turned off in awhile and is progressively more likely to restart itself without me telling it to do so. I did something bad to my foot and it hurts now, which sucks. I've come to the conclusion that Word Whomp is evil. I already sort of knew this, but now I'm absolutely certain of it. Damn obsessive games. It's not just Word Whomp there either. There's also Sweet Tooth, which I like but which my computer doesn't, Turbo 21, and some other ones which are all just as addictive. Damnit. Today,

April 25 is ....... National Zucchini Bread Day (Ugh. How come they seem to pick the least appealing foods on the planet to give days to?)

I was at the grocery store last night after Buffy & Angel were over with, and somehow ended up looking at the toothpaste. Don't ask me how, the layout of that store is just a little bizarre. They put the candy right next to the toothpaste. I guess this was their way to guilt-trip people into not buying candy or to remember to clean your teeth after eating sweets or something, I don't know. So anyway, I looked at the toothpaste. One of them was called "Colagate Total....Plus Whitening!" Ummm...this just strikes me as strange. I mean, if it's "Total", then why do you need to add anything to it? And if you have to add something to it, then it's not exactly "Total" to begin with, now is it? It's sort of scary that these are the things which perplex me. Sometimes companies need to not be so contradictory. Oh well, here's...

The Rectitudinous Word of the Day

rectitudinous (adj. rek-tih-TOO-din-uss or rek-tih-TOOD-nuss)

1 : characterized by straightness or moral integrity

2 : piously self-righteous

Rectitudinous comes to us straight from the Late Latin rectitudin- (English added the -ous ending), which is in turn ultimately derived from the Latin word rectus, meaning both straight and right. (There are other rectus descendants in English, including rectitude, of course, and rectilinear, rectangle, and rectify.) When rectitudinous first appeared in print in 1897, it was in the phrase "notoriously and unctuously rectitudinous." Although rectitude usually expresses an admirable moral integrity, rectitudinous has always had a less flattering side. It can suggest not only moral uprightness but also a displeasing holier-than-thou attitude.

Oh yes, now what was I going to do here? I remember now. Actually, I went up to the top where I made my notes and looked at those to see what I was going to do. So, last night there was Buffy. I had issues with Buffy last night. Angel was kind of annoying b/c they got rid of that lawyer boy, but in a stupid way. I mean, he was all angry rage boy, and then he got a new hand and suddenly after one threat to Angel, they're working together and real chummy. I'm sorry, but I wanted to see the lawyer boy continue to be angry. The lady lawyer, what's her name, Lilah? She doesn't really seem like a better choice than what's-his-name for being promoted, but whatever. What happened to Darla anyway? Did she just drop off the face of the planet after Angel slept with her or what? Okay, so back to my issues with Buffy. First of all, I'm completely in accord with what people have said about their irritation towards the fact that the shows won't be together anymore, and that Buffy is switching networks. It's completely irritating, especially since I never watch UPN and now I'm going to have to find out when they put Buffy on. Not only that, but if they stupidly put Angel & Buffy on at the same time, I'm going to scream. Anyway, last night, besides the fact that it was really easy to tell that Spike's Buffy was a robot and that at the end the robot wasn't Buffy, I had to take issue with the whole going out into the desert thing. I mean, she went out into the desert wearing brown from head to toe...and not thin stuff either, but a turtleneck, jeans (or some sort of pants thing), and a long coat. I'm sorry, but isn't the desert hot? And she didn't take any food or water, walked around for hours on end, and didn't break a sweat or wish for water once? I think not. Sometimes Hollywood is just a bit unrealistic about things. For one, even though I've never been to one, I wouldn't advise anyone to traipse through the desert completely covered in warm clothes all day long without any water or food. Idiots. No wonder why I have to suffer them changing networks. The only other thing of note I have to mention, is I am now officially one of Venita's Whores. Congratulate me...my whoredom has been confirmed, celebrated, and acknowledged. Do I get a diploma or something? Oh wait, I lied. I have one more thing. (I think it's only 1 anyway, I could be wrong.) Every time I look at my buddy list, I want to have something to read damnit! People, you need to entertain me or I need to start finding more people worth reading...one or the other.

Song Snippet for the Day: But I won't cry for yesterday, ... And as I try to make my way, to the ordinary world, I will learn to survive...where is my friend when I need you most. But I won't cry for yesterday...there's an ordinary world. Somehow I have to find...and as I try to make my way...

Same deal as before...what the hell is this song? And who sings it? Besides some guy? I really like this song, but I haven't the slightest idea what it is. I can take a guess on the title, but that doesn't tell me much since I really suck at title/band matching. Unless it's really, really obvious.

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