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April 23rd, 2001 - 10:29 p.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

I had bizarre dreams after I went back to bed at 4 am. They ranged from scary to really bizarre. The scary one was probably one of the worst nightmares that a girl can have. It wouldn't surprise me if it was quite common either. I dreamed that someone was holding me down and that I couldn't move, no matter what I did. While it seems rather mundane, really it was quite frightening to me. It evoked a feeling of terror I am quite unfamiliar with. There were various other dreams which weren't scary, and then they just got silly. There was even one where I think I was Mario. And there was the Princess or Luigi or somebody who I had to save b/c they'd been captured by the dark forces. It was odd. I'll write more in this later. Probably much later, since I'm busy. Very very busy. This week is going to suck. A lot.

Hmmm....looks like I missed a couple days (so I was/am/will be busy, so sue me.), so here's yesterday, today, and tomorrow,

April 22 is ....... National Jelly Bean Day (hmm...yum?)

April 23 is ....... Read Me Day and World Laboratory Animal Day (umm...okay. The Lab Animals of the World Read themselves? If you say so (always humor the crazy person).)

April 24 is ....... National Pigs In A Blanket Day (Would these be the same pigs that were reading as lab animals? Why are they in blankets anyway? It's not at all cold outside.)

I think these are words...aren't they all?

chockablock (adj. CHAH-kuh-blahk)

1 : brought close together

2 : very full

Chockablock started out as a nautical term. A block is a metal or wooden case with one or more pulleys inside. Sometimes, two or more blocks are used (as part of a rope and pulley system called a block and tackle) to provide a mechanical advantage -- as, for example, when hoisting a sail on a traditional sailing ship. When the rope is pulled as far as it will go, the blocks are tight together and are said to be chockablock. Non-nautical types associated the chock in chockablock with chock-full, which goes back to Middle English chokkefull meaning full to the limit (a figurative use of full to choking). We thus gave chockablock the additional meaning filled up. Chockablock can also be an adverb meaning close together or completely (the latter comes partly from the notion that the chock in chock-full means completely), as in motorbikes lined up chockablock or the seemingly redundant chockablock full.

assail (v. uh-SAIL)

: to attack violently with blows or words

The root of assail might not jump out at you at first, since it has changed quite a bit as it has passed from Latin to French to English. Assail comes from an Old French verb, asaillir, which itself comes from the Latin verb assilire (to leap upon). Assilire joins the prefix ad- (to, toward) with the Latin verb salire, meaning to leap. When assail was first used in the 13th century, it meant to attack or literally to leap upon. By the 15th century, English speakers were using the term to mean to attack with words or arguments.

I found out what one of my songs is called. "Follow Me" by Uncle Cracker? Does this sound at all familiar to anyone and does it fit that one song snippet from the last time?

"Stonehenge of Tools." I heard this phrase earlier in reference to the new tool center or department or something at Sears. What I want to know is Stonehenge? Why'd they pick that to represent their tool department? What on Earth were they thinking when they did that? Because I can't say that comparing your tool department to Stonehenge is a good thing. I mean, from using that phrase we can deduce the following. 1. The tool department has no purpose that we understand. 2. The tool department was built by unknown means using unknown technology by persons unknown. (In other words, the tool department is just suddenly There.) 3. The tool department is a mysterious, religious place. Sure, these things fit well for Stonehenge, but is it really how you want a Tool Department of all things described? I don't think so.

I saw a commercial for Skipit earlier. I remember these things from when I was younger. I thought they'd fallen off the face of the planet into obscurity though. I didn't realize they were still around. My next question of course, is "Why are they still around?" Uhhh...damnit! I know I had something I was going to put after the Skipit thing. But I forgot it. Oh *#@% it. That's it, this entry's finished. I'm not going to spend time trying to remember what I forgot. Damn memory. See if I pander to it anymore. Ooooh...by inadvertently hitting paste instead of copy when I had this whole thing highlighted, I now remember what I was going to talk about. I'm really, really frightened. Someone went and looked for this and found me. It's really, really very frightening to me when someone finds me by searching for a member of a boy band and the word wrestling and manages to find me when I like neither of those two things. And it's even worse when I'm on the first page. I need to go cower, curse, and cry in the corner now. Ciao! If I were really a hit whore, I'd wait until after midnight to post this to get more hits for tomorrow, but I'm not quite that bad at it yet.

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