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April 21st, 2001 - 6:07 p.m.

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Song Snippets of the Day: Thought my love is great, though my love is true, I'm like a bird, I wanna fly away....

Singing, follow me, every thing is alright. I'll keep you warm, tuck you in at night....

*Sidenote: The authoress takes absolutely no responsibility for the accuracy of any lyrics heard on the radio or elsewhere. If people can't ennunciate things properly, then it's not the fault of the authoress if she gets the lyrics wrong.

Song of the Day: Desert Rose by Sting. I'm almost certain I've done that song before, but the man won a grammy for the album this song is on...and isn't he in the Hall of Fame yet? Well, maybe he hasn't been around for a quarter of a century yet...I don't know. Anyway. Bonus points and much happiness if you can tell me who sings those two song snippets and what they're called. I know the first one is sung by a girl and it's fairly recent, and the second one's sung by a guy, but I know nothing more about them except that I like them and I would like to know what they are and who sings them. So if anyone knows, TELL ME DAMNIT! So, today,

April 21 is ....... Kindergarten Day (whee. We all would like to revert to the ease of Kidergarten, I'm sure. Things were so much simpler then. And they let you nap during school...which at that age you hated, but which I appreciate now.)

The best part about the fact that my computer went wacko and erased this entry on it's way to restarting is that I remembered that first song snippet. I like having those songs in my head. Not necessarily simultaneously, that might be bad, but otherwise, they're nice. They don't irritate me and drive me nuts like, say, an N'Sync song would. And now it's time for...

Drugs! (Ha, not really.)

maitre d' (n. may-bell-ine or la-DEE-dah or smack!)

1 : majordomo

2 : headwaiter

Maitre d' is short for maitre d'hotel, which is generally pronounced may-truh-doh-TEL. Maitre d'hotel comes from French, where it means house master. It was first used in English in the 16th century for a head butler or steward of a household, before it was adapted to refer to the head of a dining-room staff around the turn of the 19th century. (For the record, the plural of maitre d'hotel is maitres d'hotel, whereas the plural of maitre d' is maitre d's.) We began dropping the hotel of maitre d'hotel about 50 years ago. At first, the abbreviated form was considered slang, but today maitre d' is widely used in American English and is accepted as a standard American use.

paste (v. PAYSTUB or crack!)

1 : to strike hard at

2 : to beat or defeat soundly

Paste came to be as an alteration of the word baste, which means to beat severely or soundly, thrash. The exact origin of baste is uncertain, but it probably comes from the Old Norse word beysta, meaning to bruise, thrash, flog. Baste was first seen in the 16th century, but paste didn't turn up in print until 1846 and it only recently acquired its defeat sense. Baste is now less popular than paste (the baste homographs meaning to sew with long stitches and to moisten while cooking are distinct terms not related to this baste), though its relative lambaste (to beat or to censure) is prevalent.

I'd never heard of this word before. Well, not in this sense anyway. Interesting. And I didn't know baste in that sense either. Damn weird words. Well, not really...it's kind of cool to learn new stuff sometimes. Anyway, now I'm going to do news snippets. More snippets, more snippets! (Chant it bitch!)

A Canadian group has recorded a country music version of Pink Floyd's "The Wall."

The musicians -- calling themselves Luther Wright & The Wrongs -- have released an album called "Rebuild The Wall, Part 1." Wright -- guitarist for a group called Weeping Tile -- said "the whole album was a great country tune." He added that Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, has given the project his blessing "and wishes us well."

Forgive me for the pun, but that just sounds very, very wrong. Country music and Pink Floyd do Not sound like they belong together in any context ever. It's kind of frighening actually. The combination just kind of scares me. I could've put the whole Britney Spears/Stephan Hawking news thing in here, but I think there's been enough music in this entry already...and Britney Spears spouting physics with Stephan Hawking spouting lyrics is not something I want to subject you to. You might never come back if I did something like that. So, no more news snippets today. I'm basically just updating to ask who sings those two songs and to be a hit whore. I should really join that one diaryring for compulsive updaters. Except I've already been enough of a diaryring whore thank you very much. Speaking of which, 120 people are now jaded, 30 are cynical, 17 have a whatever type of attitude, 65 are cats or wish they were, and 11 people really like Marn. So, for those who can't do math and don't remember what I said last time I gave you these numbers, 40 more people are jaded, 13 cynical, 6 "whatever", 12 more cats, and 2 more love Marn. So everything grew. I'm surprised more people aren't cynical than that. You'd think that jaded and cynical would go together more than that, but I guess not.

Oh, the last thing I wanted to mention was that I think that he had some really valid points about who are society blames. I actually agree with him. I was discussing this the other day too with someone else and it's nice to know that there are quite a few other people my age who's sick of this blame everybody else thing. I mean, the whole "it wasn't my fault that I killed those people b/c they were mean to me and called me names and taunted and teased me until I just couldn't take it anymore and I had to kill them" thing just pisses me off. I'm sorry, but nearly every single kid I know was teased and tormented by their peers at some point in their education. But you don't see everyone coming to school with guns to kill their tormenters now do you? Idiots. Anyway, I need to go now...ciao!

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