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April 19th/20th, 2001 - 4:22 a.m.

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I may have found something to take issue with on Wordpad. It refuses to acknowledge spaces sometimes. Or maybe it's all of the time. Stupid thing. They don't transfer when I switch it to diaryland either. This might be a slight irritation. Oh well, I'll live. Or you might end up reading the whole thing without any paragraphs, but what do I care? You'll deal with it if that's what you have to do. Anyway, today,

April 19 is ....... National Garlic Day (Ummm...icky. Enough Said.)

Yeah. Now what? I was going to mention some stuff, but I actually have to be Able to access the diaryland sites for that to work. Stupid server. I know those pages are there damnit, Find Them! And then my computer had issues and other things happened (like I slept), and now itís not even that day anymore damnit. And my cursor is acting really, really strange. I canít even tell you why. It might be that itís always been this strange and I just never noticed it or maybe Iím hallucinating or something, which I suppose is always a possibility. So NOW, today,

April 20 is ....... Look Alike Day (ummmÖokay. Do they mean Doppleganger Day or Identical Twin day?)

Here it comes to save the dayÖ..

regardless (adv. En-GARDE)

: despite everything

Regardless is rather simply derived from the noun regard (attention, concern) plus -less -- nothing too shocking about that. But poor regardless became embroiled in a usage scandal through no fault of its own when people began using irregardless as its synonym (probably blending irrespective and regardless). Irregardless originated in dialectal American speech in the early 20th century, and usage commentators have been decrying it since the 1920s, often declaring there is no such word. Irregardless does exist, of course, but it tends to be used primarily in speech and it is still considered nonstandard. Regardless is greatly preferred.

I forgot what I was going to do. Maybe stop writing, since I sort of donít really have anything to say. Oh, I got an e-mail from Ms. Cleo, that annoying ďpsychicĒ woman. Iíd like to smack her so hard that she canít speak in that annoying fake accent for the rest of her life. See how that improves her business.

The Rev. Sun Myung Moon says the major problem in the world today "is the reluctance of women to have children." The founder of the Unification Church told a gathering of 2,000 clergy members at Washington's Omni Shoreham Hotel Monday that they should preach to their flocks about the importance of having many children in God-centered families. The 81-year-old Moon, born in what now is North Korea, is the father of 13 children. "Have more than I did," he said. Moon also said God created Adam and Eve so He could have grandchildren.

I don't understand this, really I don't. I can think of a lot of problems which are a heck of a lot more serious than women not wishing to have more children in an already-overpopulated world. I think this guy's nuts, but then again, he IS the guy who founded a religion. Those people for some reason aren't generally too stable as it is anyway. I can't tell you why, it just usually ends up happening that way. Where did that guy get the idea that God wanted grandchildren anyway? And this generation or the next one would be quite a ways past grandchildren. Doesn't "He" feel old?

Anyway, to conclude this less-than-stellar diary entry, I am very disappointed in my voyeurs. Iíve had a new and improved spiffy poll which finally asks questions that can be answered with multiple answers via a check as many boxes as you want kind of deal, and then only 5 people take the damn thing! So Go Take the Bloody Poll Damnit! Thereís really no point to my updating now, since no oneís going to see that I updated, but oh well, I guess I can be a hit whore later or something. Maybe Iíll finally e-mail Venita and become her whore. (Oh wait, Iím a lazy bitch, maybe not.)

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