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April 18th, 2001 - 4:00 a.m., more like 4:30 actual

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The Song of the Day (yes, I brought it back, although how long it's going to Stay that way I have no idea): Hotel California by The Eagles....just b/c that's what's on the radio at the moment and I happen to like it damnit!

Whee. Now what was I going to talk about again? Do I even remember? Not really, but let's move on anyway. 4 am already....ugh. I need to type faster. I really don't want to do this for too long. And I think my computer wants to blow up soon too. I have discovered WordPad, which, although nearly entirely redundant, seems to work better than Word or Notepad. Anyway, today,

April 18 is ....... International Jugglers Day (hmmm...International Jugglers Day? I think this sort of scares me. Maybe a lot even. Is it just for jugglers who perform internationally? Or is it for jugglers who are multi-national? Or maybe it's for internationals who juggle. Damn ambiguity.)

I always forget what I want to talk about for some reason. I don't know that reason, just that it exists. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that my memory sucks beyond belief. I guess I could talk about Buffy and Angel tonight. Of course, he's already done so, but that doesn't mean that I can't do it too. No one ever said I had to coordinate my diary entries with those of others. That would just be silly. And damn near impossible to boot. Anyway, moving on. Buffy was a lot less interesting than I thought it was going to be. Maybe next week will be better, what with the whole Buffy robot love-slave finally showing up that they were foreshadowing ages ago. Angel needed to stay for longer than that whole one-night thing, that was kind of ridiculous, but I guess they couldn't get Army commando boy to come back, so he was the best bet. Army commando boy doesn't even get a spot in the credits anymore...awww. Like I really care...I didn't like him anyway. So now Glory knows that the key's a person. Great way to slip up Ben. Couldn't he at least get something right and kill that minion guy properly? But nooo...he had to stab him in the stomach, which, although providing a slow, lingering death, leaves plenty of time for someone to find him and bring him back, so he can spill his whole story to Glory before he dies. I wonder what important thing is supposed to happen, since "time is running out." I imagine the writers will let us know eventually...maybe next season or the end of this one, but eventually. Unless they forget about this plot too. Angel was better I guess. I mean, it was amusing to see Harmony screw up again. She's the most weak-willed creature on the face of the planet. I didn't like how he was trying so damn hard to get Cordelia to like him again, only to discover that the way to her friendship in the end was to buy her clothes. Although that's hardly surprising, given how shallow she used to be...and I guess the whole thing with Harmony was really a reversion to shallowness again, sort of. The motivational speaker thing was amusing. "Turn 2, the rest are food..." weird pyramid scheme things. Next week they're going to do that possessed body part thing which has been done before. Lawyer boy gets a new hand, which predictably came from a psycho killer who didn't need it anymore (I'm guessing b/c he died or something similarly bad). What's lawyer boy's name again? Oh who cares. I can't remember if Druscilla is dead or not. I thought she died, but someone else tonight was sure she hadn't. Grrr.... That's still driving me nuts.

La la la...What was this again?

bully pulpit (n. PULL-ee-BULL-pit or pit-n-the-pendulum)

: a prominent public position (as a political office) that provides an opportunity for expounding one's views; also : such an opportunity

Bully pulpit comes from the 26th U.S. President, Theodore Roosevelt, who observed that the White House was a bully pulpit. For Roosevelt, bully was an adjective meaning grand or splendid -- not the noun bully (a person who threatens smaller or weaker people) that's so common today. Roosevelt understood the modern presidency's power of persuasion and recognized that it gave the incumbent the opportunity to exhort, instruct, or inspire. He took full advantage of his bully pulpit, speaking out about the danger of monopolies, the nation's growing role as a world power, and other issues important to him. Now bully pulpit is used as a term for an office -- especially a political office -- that provides one with the opportunity to share one's views.

I really can't say that I understand this word. I think it should mean something about the abuse of an office to impose one's views upon others, not the opportunity to share them, but what do I know? Roosevelt had some weird phrases. So does Bush, but we can excuse him, he's an idiot after all. I'm not going to go into the whole China thing (mainly b/c I don't know enough about it, nor do I want to). Anyway, a news snippet w/comments and then I'm bloody well going to go away b/c sleep is a precious, precious thing.

Coming soon to a store near you: Brach's 'N Sync Fruit Snacks. It marks the first time the company has featured a musical group on fruit snack packaging. The fruit snacks will be shaped like musical icons -- including the 'N Sync logo -- as well as juice-filled hearts that include one band member's name on each heart. Inside every box will be one of six collectible replica backstage passes, with each of the five band members being featured and a sixth pass with all group members represented.

This really, really, REALLY scares me. 'N Sync fruit snacks....yikes! If you're going to make those kinds of things, at least do some that don't frighten me. This means no Barney, Tele-Tubby, Mr. Rogers, 'N Sync, BSB, Britney Spears, or other pop idiot bands. Someone should do like a "best of cereal spokescharacters" version though. They could have Fred & Barney (Rubble, not the purple dinosaur one), The Trix Rabbit, Lucky, Sonny from Coco Puffs, and all those other ones. Captain Crunch. That would be cool. Of course, they'd probably have to pay a fortune to use all those characters, since I'm sure they're trademarked. But it would still be cool.

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