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Tax Day Sucks

April 17th, 2001 - 3:35 a.m.

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Hmmm...I'm going to try writing an entry in this for once. It'll be helpful later when I stop writing and then I can just save it and not worry about my entry going poof due to Diaryland being a bitch or my computer restarting itself without reason. On second thought, this is irritating me, I'm going to switch to Word now instead. And so it is done. Ha. Ohhhhh…I’ve just discovered another reason why I don’t really like writing in Word instead of that tiny box surrounded by soothing blue that Diaryland gives you. And that reason is…Spell Check! And the grammar thing irritates me too. I especially hate it when it puts that squiggly red line under words that I know exist, but that spell check doesn’t. It’s also possible that the transition between word document and diaryland box is going to be awkward and cause me more trouble than it’s worth, creating strange breaks and pauses. Another potential problem is I’ll write a bunch and then decide to stop before I’m finished ranting b/c the page count or whatever at the bottom seems too long to me. For some reason, b/c is acceptable to Word. I have no idea why, but it is. No matter when I end up posting this, I don’t care if I have to date it wrong, yesterday and today are still going to be…

April 16 is ....... National Stress Awareness Day and National Eggs Benedict Day (I can definitely see the stress awareness part, it is either tax day or the day after tax day after all, but “Eggs Benedict Day”? I’m sorry, but what does that have to do with anything? And why did someone name a food after Benedict Arnold anyway?)

April 17 is ....... National Cheeseball Day (Okay, what is it, Milk products week? First Eggs Benedict and now “cheeseball day”?!? What kind of cheeseballs are they talking about? There are those things that are kinda like Cheetos, and then there’s the kind which are like mozzarella sticks only balls and cheddar, and there’ve got to be other kinds, so what are they referring to exactly?)

I’ve discovered another problem with typing this stuff in Word. Every time I paste and copy something into this, it ends up being pasted in as Courier New font size variable, but always not the font size I’m typing everything else in. This is rather irritating b/c then I have to change the things I’ve just pasted into my rant to the same font and font size as everything else. Because if I don’t it sits there and mocks me. I don’t like it when it does that, so I have to change it. Everything must be the same damnit! Not in the world, that would just be boring. But the fonts in my diary entries need to stay consistent or I might have to get angry, and it’s not a good thing when I’m angry. I don’t know why I don’t stop writing this and go to sleep, but it could have something to do with the whole obsessive/compulsive thing and the fact that I’m an idiot. Anyway, while I berate myself for my stupidity, here are…

Words, Words, Two Days, Two Words, Twice The Fun

fulsome (adj. drugs-are-bad)

1. copious, abundant

2. generous in amount or extent

3. excessively flattering

Fulsome should be used with caution because there is a lot of confusion about exactly what it means. Some critics disapprove of using it in its original copious sense because they feel that sense is not negative enough; they say that fulsome should always be at least mildly depreciatory. It's true that today fulsome is most often used pejoratively to describe overly effusive language, but modern English writers still sometimes use it simply to mean abundant, or occasionally even in contexts where it is complimentary. Some writers go to the more negative extreme, using it for things that are offensive to normal tastes or sensibilities. If you choose to use fulsome in a non-pejorative sense, make sure your context is unambiguous and brace yourself for criticism.

perforce (adv. FORE!)

: by force of circumstances

Shakespeare had it both ways. English borrowed par force from Middle French in the 14th century. Par meant by (from Latin per) and the French word force had the same meaning as its English equivalent, which was already in use by then. At first, perforce meant quite literally by physical coercion -- a meaning still in use in Shakespeare's lifetime (1564-1616), though it's no longer used today. "He rush'd into my house and took perforce my ring away," wrote the Bard in _The Comedy of Errors_. But the weakened sense of perforce had also come into use by Shakespeare's day. In _Henry IV, Part 2_, we find ". . . your health; the which, if you give o'er to stormy passion, must perforce decay."

80 people are currently jaded, 17 are cynical, 11 have a whatever kind of attitude, 53 people are cats (or wish they were), and 9 people think Marn rawks. I just thought I’d share. I expect this number to change later, I’ll keep you updated every once in awhile maybe.

Hmmm. I got an e-mail for this place which has spiffy fonts today. Some of them look really cool…I wonder, if I really Really like one of these fonts, can I use it in my diary? And if so, will everyone else be able to see the font, or will it look funny to them? Will they instead see the default or nothing at all or what? I guess that’s a question for a certain person to answer. And ask. I just had to throw in the gratuitous mention of his diary…it’s fun that way. Kind of like the whorage deal that Venita’s got going. I swear, one of these days I’m going to get around to being her whore, but it requires me to write an e-mail first, and we all know how I don’t like to do that (and if you didn’t before, you do now). Yeah. So now that I’ve babbled on and on and on for about an hour, let’s get to what I Really wanted to talk about. And that is….(drumroll please)……


Yes, the evil evil tax day. And to preface the tax thing…I HATE THE FRIGGIN POST OFFICE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Die post office, DIE! As if the whole Christopher Columbus thing wasn’t enough. Or maybe I should just blame the people here who sort the mail. They’re only lazy, incompetent, annoying, slow, and several other terrible adjectives. Priority mail is an evil, evil frigger. 2 to 3 days for delivery, HA! Liar, liar, pants on fire. You know, there’s a reason why people send thing Priority Mail. It’s because the stuff they’re sending is a Priority! Just in case that leaves people confused, that means what they’re sending is Important to the person they’re sending it to. Which also means that it’s imperative that that person get the package they’re expecting very, very soon. The Friggin Post Office™ doesn’t seem to understand this for some reason. They seem to think that people send stuff priority mail so that it can get here in a leisurely fashion, and if there was a time constraint, like say, I needed the papers in the envelope to send in my taxes, well then it’s just too damn bad if I don’t get it in time. Grrr…what actually ended up happening is the envelope got here on time, but then the stupid people who sort the mail chose Not to inform me of that fact. The result is I go nuts trying to figure out what I’m going to do without my tax forms, until a kind soul searched the mailroom and found my envelope for me. Either way, NOT a fun experience. Damn Friggin Post Office™.

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