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Words went crazy and the diplomats are sad.

April 13th, 2001 - 2:10 a.m.

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Grrr. I really need a new mouse. If my mouse worked properly, I wouldn't end up with the back button problem all the time, which oh-so-inconveniently erases my entries. And now I have to reproduce everything again. Considering the fact that when I was writing this before, I'd been writing for nearly 2 hours including distractions, this could be a long night. Or I could just not be as distracted or as long and do it in less time. That's an option too I suppose. Either one works. I want it to be the 12th damnit! It's Friday the 13th...*insert ominous music here*. Dumb superstitious days. Oddly however, it's also Good Friday. So is it a good day or a bad day? Damn contradictory days. Well, not really. Got to love those contradictory days. Really. If you don't, we might have to kill you. Anyway, yesterday and today...

April 12 is ....... Look Up At The Sky Day (It's a bird, it's a plane...no! It's a tiny cartoon mouse come to save the day! Ha.)

April 13 is ....... Blame Somebody Else Day (We don't do this all the time anyway? We need the calandar to tell us to do it too?)

Hmmm...what was I going to put in this space? You know? Well then why didn't you Tell me! Anyway, I've decided more whoreage or whorage (however you spell that. Whorage it is I guess.) is in order. Thus, I am now a jaded cat. Or rather, I have joined two diaryrings and now, I am a Cat, and Jaded. I might not continue to be a cat though. Not because I don't want to be a cat, but because the banner thing which proclaims that I am a Cat! is a rather unfortunate shade of pink. I have nothing really against the color pink, it's just this particular hue in combination with the other colors in the little thing produce the urge to smack something within me. Oh yeah, and in continuing whorage, I might want to be Venita's whore, but in order to do that I have to write an e-mail, which requires work, so I don't know about that. Although any kind of whorage is welcome. Prety soon I might be as big of a hit whore as one of those people I know are. But another problem with that whore thing is I'd actually have to write to her, for one, and then I'd actually have to be creative for another. That takes work. I don't know if I want to do anything resembling work. We'll see I suppose. Anyway, time for...


Sidenote: There was another word of the day, but I didn't like it, and it wasn't really a word anyway, it was a phrase. Augean stables is a stupid phrase with a stupid meaning and it's just taken from an old Greek story anyway, so who cares? And the original meaning of this word seems a lot better than what it means now. Some words need to stay the way they used to be.

gruntle (v. Kull-the-Conqueror)

: to put in a good humor

Gruntle is the result of a mistaken assumption about the verb disgruntle, which means to make ill-humored or discontented. The prefix dis- often means to do the opposite of, so people naturally assumed that in order to have a disgruntle there must be a gruntle with exactly the opposite meaning. But actually, dis- doesn't always work that way -- in some rare cases it functions instead as an intensifier. Disgruntle developed from this intensifying sense of dis- plus gruntle, an old word meaning to grumble. Gruntle began to mean to make happy only in the 1920s, when it was assumed to be the antonym of disgruntle. By contrast, disgruntle has been around since 1682, and the original grumbling gruntle dates back to 1589.

Yes, time for news snippets I think. Three of them if you want to get picky about it.

The Canada-U.S. potato war was on again Wednesday -- after Canadians received word that the United States had not lifted its ban on potato imports from Prince Edward Island aftter all. On Tuesday, federal Agriculture Minister Lyle Vanclief told potato farmers on the island that he had received a letter from the United States saying the Bush administration was partially lifting the ban. But less than 24 hours later, Canadians heard that U.S. officials were denying that as a misinterpretation - leaving Vanclief with some explaining to do. The ban was imposed in October last year when a potato wart was found on the crop from a single field. Vanclief tried to have the ban lifted after Canadian authorities tested 10,000 samples from fields across the island and found them free of the blight except for the one field. The PEI potato dispute has been one of the irritants in relations between the two countries over the past few months, along with the dispute over the export of Canadian softwood lumber to the U.S. market.

Ummm...huh? Does anyone understand this? A Potato War? Why? I mean, PEI can't be exporting That many potatoes to the US, can they? I mean...this is just silly.

The United States, Liberia and Myanmar (the nation formerly known as Burma) appear to be the last remaining nations on earth where goods can legally be sold in imperial measurements. That, after a British court convicted a market trader for selling bananas in pounds and ounces. Sunderland grocer Steven Thoburn, 36, was convicted of breaking a European law aimed at implementing metric standards across the European Union.

It was the first time that a court in Britain -- which began introducing pounds, ounces, miles, yards and feet nearly 800 years ago -- had brought such a criminal case against an individual shop keeper. The ruling does not affect some other measurements -- British roads are still marked in miles, a pint of bitter remains a pint, people are still measured in feet, inches and stones -- but slowly time is eroding the nation's commitment to the imperial system.

More things which don't make sense. At least you could be consistent people! And how come the British Empire's been around for so long? 800 years? Damn...I didn't think they were a colonial power for that long. Goofy people. Hypocrites. Weirdos. All those other not-so-very-nice names. One more snippet...

We must all make sacrifices at budget time. But as Secretary of State Colin Powell secures a 5 percent increase for the State Department, to $23.8 billion, shed a mournful tear for one international body that will no longer benefit from U.S. participation. To save some $9 million a year, to be spent on mundane things like security, computers and employment retention, the United States is withdrawing from the Paris-based International Office of the Vine and Wine. Anything more likely to guarantee employee retention than the prospect for ambitious young U.S. diplomats of becoming a wine connoisseur at taxpayer expense in Paris it would be hard to imagine.

Haaaaaaa...poor poor diplomats. I feel so heartbroken for them.

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