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A Fire Hydrant, People Magazine, & Construction is Evil.

April 10th/11th, 2001 - 12:15 a.m.

I'm Currently Avoiding:

Enh, I've missed the 10th by 15 minutes, but you'll just have to deal with it. Haaaaa....I just noticed that I gave the wrong day, well month really for the 9th. So,

April 9 is ....... Winston Churchill Day and Name Yourself Day (hmmm...I think I liked Panic Day better.)

April 10 is ....... Golfers Day (Golf. Ugh.)

April 11 is ....... Eight-Track Tape Day (Eight tracks. Ugh. I mean, do they even sell players for these things anymore?)

Hmmm...what do I want to do now? Let's consult the list! (Yes, I have a list. Otherwise I wouldn't remember things.) Oh yes. I am sick. STILL. This is not in dispute. This really does suck. And to top it all off, I can't get a decent amount of sleep b/c of the reason why Spring is evil. Construction! Yes, construction. Apparently, the cheap bastards who constructed this building gave absolutely no consideration whatsoever to soundproofing anything. Today, the electric sawing noise kept waking me up. Yesterday, the jackhammer noise kept waking me up and disturbing the small amount of sleep I normally manage to achieve. This makes me a grumpy woman. I'm not a very nice person when I'm a grumpy woman. And the worst part of it is that this isn't going to be a temporary thing either. I will be hearing this noise Every Weekday morning from now until I leave. I can't tell you how Very Very much I'm looking forward to that. Oh well, time for a lot of...

Words, Daily Even:

temporize (v. get-the-puh-rize)

1 : to act to suit the time or occasion : yield to current or dominant opinion : compromise

2 : to draw out discussions or negotiations so as to gain time

Temporize comes from the Medieval Latin verb temporizare (to pass the time), which itself comes from the Latin noun tempus, meaning time. (Tempus is also the root of such words as tempo, contemporary, and temporal.) If you need to buy some time, you might resort to temporizing -- but you probably won't win admiration for doing so. Temporize can have a somewhat negative connotation. For instance, a political leader faced with a difficult issue may temporize by talking vaguely about possible solutions without actually doing anything. The point of such temporizing is to avoid taking definite -- and possibly unpopular -- action, in hopes that the problem will somehow go away. But the effect is often just to make matters worse.

postlude (n. POSH-food)

1 : a closing piece of music

2 : a closing phase (as of an epoch or a literary work)

Postlude is the lesser-known counterpart to prelude -- and in fact, postlude was created based on the example of prelude, substituting post- for pre-. At the root of both terms is the Latin verb ludere (to play). A postlude is essentially something played afterward. Although prelude first appeared in print in the 16th century, postlude didn't turn up until 1851. Prelude was first used in the general sense of something preliminary and only later acquired its musical application, while postlude developed in the opposite direction, originating as a musical term before broadening to include other kinds of closings. Both words are also related to interlude, which can refer, among other things, to a musical composition inserted between the parts of a larger whole.

enjoinder (J'momma or in-JOHN-deer-we-trust)

1 : an authoritative request : command

2 : interdiction, prohibition; often : injunction

Enjoinder and join look like they could be related, and in fact they are, though their meanings have little in common. Both come ultimately from Latin jungere (to join), as do conjoin, joint, and junction. Enjoinder comes to us by way of Latin injungere, meaning to attach to or to impose upon as a burden. The second of those two meanings was carried into English in the 13th century when we began using the verb enjoin. (Back then, one might enjoin a penance on someone, for example.) Eventually, the meaning of enjoin shifted from imposing burdens to imposing orders, and today the word can mean to command or to prohibit. In the 19th century, we came up with enjoinder, which can refer to either a command or a prohibition.

Hmmm...what now? Oh, since when did they stop painting fire hydrants red or yellow? The one I saw tonight was some light orange color with a turquoise top. Ummm...huh? Why would they do that? Maybe the colors just looked funny b/c it was nighttime, but still...turquoise & light orange? WHY? Was some color-blind person painting the fire hydrants or something?

Okay, that girl from the other day who I bitched about sent me a pager thing. (She's never getting linked again btw, since it only contributes to her sitemeter count, something I refuse to do.) It said, (and this is verbatim...copy & paste works so well sometimes) "LOL! temper, temper. you seem to have a lot of bad things to say about me, huh? i''m glad i''ve irritated you! i''ve done my job very well, from the looks of it. next time, instead of taking an hour and a half bitching at me, you should take that time getting some counceling. please. okay, oh "Mistress of the Dark"? by the way, nice name. creative.. scary. anyway"

So, according to the teenybopper who shall not be named, much like Josh Fie...isn't, I should "take that time getting some counceling". Great advice. (Not.) There are just a few things wrong with that.

1. My diary's free, counselling is not.

2. Who do you know who offers it at 2 am?

3. Her grammar really sucks. I should Spend that time getting some Counselling. Not what she said. Oh well, what can you expect from a twit like that? I can't believe she's actually glad she irritated me. Maybe she really *is* a raver and that's her purpose in life. Anyway, she has proven herself to be a twit who can't write or speak both on her diary and to me personally. I guess that's all that really matters. Moving on to other things I can be mean about (I've lost all interest in the twit)...

The other day when I was buying a third box of Kleenexes in CVS, there was a long line. So while I was in line, I looked over the tabloid rags and other "magazines" there, People magazine caught my eye. There was a Big picture of Nicole Kidman and then the text nearby in big letters was all about "Nicole's Ordeal" and how friends were rallying around her as she struggles to deal with the miscarriage of her child and her divorce and yadda yadda yadda, etc., etc., etc. For some reason, this brief little discription annoyed the heck out of me. Fine, it is traumatic for her (or anyone) to suffer the loss of their child. Yes, divorce is also trying. But to make it into an "ordeal" and to manage to somehow imply that it's all Tom Cruise's fault in the same paragraph, that's just wrong. From all I heard, their seperation was an amicable one, jointly decided on, b/c of their careers. Okay, now I for one think that getting divorced b/c your careers are pulling you apart has got to be right up there with stupidest reasons to get divorced, but that's their decision. But it still just really made me mad to see them suddenly turn it around so Nicole's the victim just b/c she had a miscarraige. Grrr....dumb superstars. I'm sure she's not really happy that her private life is splashed all over the place either. And you don't see them doing a general article about the pain and anguish mothers go through during a miscarraige, now do you? No, it's just Nicole's, as if she is the first and only woman on the face of the planet to ever have a miscarraige and suffer for it. Argh!

Anyway, at least I can take out the anger I feel towards those irritating, disgusting, marshmallow things (also known as "Peeps") by watching their torture and agony. Go here to watch the Bunnies torture the marshmallow chicken Peeps and Go here to watch the marshmallow Bunnies be put through cruel and unusual experiments while fellow Bunnies (the control group) watch.

Oh yes, and because everyone else I seem to know is doing it (sometimes I'm such a giver-in to peer pressure. Not to mention the fact that it'll give me reciprocal hits, which is always nice, hopefully anyway), go read her. She needs to be more popular.

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