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April 5th, 2001 - 11:48 p.m.

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Friggers. Frell. And other unsavory F words. I'm sick, and it sucks. I will not be putting up an update with actual opinions at this time due to the fact that I feel terrible. So, console yourself with your words of the day and such and feel grateful I'm doing anything at all. Today/tomorrow/yesterday/whenever...

April 5 is ....... Go For Broke Day (I don't want to be broke! Quit trying to make me spend money damnit!)

April 6 is ....... Sorry Charlie Day More Info on Sorry Charlie Day (ummm...huh? Did I ask for more information on sorry charlie day? Charlie Who?)

Words, Words, Blah, Blah, Blah...

infotainment (n. double-mint-gum)

: a television program that presents information (as news) in a manner intended to be entertaining

It's pretty obvious that infotainment joins parts of information and entertainment. The word first appeared in the early 1980s, was commonly used throughout the '90s, and continues to be used today. Not everyone feels infotainment and similar pieced-together, media-derived words (e.g., infomercial and edutainment) are welcome in the English language, however. _New York Times Magazine_ writer Joe Morgenstern referred to infotainment as "a plastic word, stuck together with show-biz epoxy." An editorialist for a New England newspaper called it "a nauseating word" that "has crept into the language without an invitation." Like it or not, infotainment is frequently heard and read these days, perhaps because it serves as a very convenient label for a common modern practice -- mixing news and entertainment.

obloquy [n. pine-apple-is-icky]

Obloquy is abusive criticism, typically damaging to a person's reputation. Near synonyms include denunciation, reprobation, vilification, and calumny. Obloquy can also mean the condition of generally being ill spoken of. Example: "His obloquy had several causes, not least of which was his heavy drinking." A near synonym of this sense is disgrace.

Obloquy was first seen in Middle English, and comes from the Late Latin obloquium, from the Latin obloqui (to interrupt), from ob- (against) and loqui (to speak).

pilgarlic (n. pil-GAR-lik-tastes-icky)

1 a : a bald head b : a bald-headed man

2 : a man looked upon with humorous contempt or mock pity

Tastes change. If baldness has gained acceptance and even admiration, so too has garlic become a roundly popular culinary addition. We no longer equate baldness with negative personality traits, or speak contemptuously of garlic-eaters. But after someone in the 16th century first likened a bald head to peeled garlic, pilgarlic was used (rather baldly, one might say) in uncomplimentary ways -- poor pilgarlic was a phrase often employed. Pil was short for pilled, which was (and still is) British dialect for peeled. If the term pilgarlic is used derisively now, it doesn't necessarily refer to a bald person. In fact, in more recent times, perhaps the pil reminds some of pill, a word for someone who is disagreeable or tiresome.

And I decided to be generous and throw in a news snippet b/c it amused me and b/c I can.

The highest religious authority in Qatar has banned the popular children's video and card game Pokemon.

The BBC reports Sheik Yussef Qardawi, the mufti of Qatar, has issued a fatwa against Pokemon "to preserve our children, their faith, their morale and their money."

The Qatari ban follows a similar boycott by Saudi Arabia in March. Both nations cite Pokemon characters have symbols including "the Star of David, which everyone knows is connected to international Zionism and is Israel's national emblem," the fatwa said.

Saudi Mufti Sheik Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah said the Pokemon characters also appeared to be based on Charles Darwin's theory of evolution, which Islam rejects.

Ha! At least I'm not the only one who thinks Pokemon are evil things. And if this entry wasn't enough to keep you happy, put it in your pipe and stuff it. Or whatever that phrase is. I'm sick, what do you want from me? Coherency? I don't have that on days when I'm Not sick. Go away!

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