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April 4th, 2001 - 2:43 a.m.

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Hmmm. What to do, what to do? By all rights, I should restart my computer before starting this, but we're going to live dangerously. Chances are, this will prove to be a BIG mistake, but oh well. Today,

April 4 is ....... Tell-A-Lie Day (I don't think we need a specific Day to do this. People do this often enough all by themselves without being actually Told to do it on a certain day. This would probably work better for April Fool's Day anyway.)

The Word of the Day

quotidian (adj. kwoh-TED)

1 : occurring every day

2 a : belonging to each day : everyday b : commonplace, ordinary

In Shakespeare's play _As You Like It_, the character Rosalind observes that Orlando, who has been running about in the woods carving her name on trees and hanging love poems on branches, "seems to have the quotidian of love upon him." Shakespeare's use doesn't make it clear that quotidian derives from a Latin word that means every day. But as odd as it may seem, Shakespeare's use of quotidian is just a short semantic step away from the daily adjective sense. Some fevers occur intermittently -- sometimes daily. The phrase quotidian fever and the noun quotidian have long been used for such recurring maladies. Poor Orlando is simply afflicted with such a fever of love.

I last updated 5 hours or so ago. This is a pretty short span of time for me to be updating again. Why am I therefore writing another entry? Was I offered money? (Ha. Not bloody likely. Maybe to Stop writing at some point in time, but start? I think not!) Sidenote 1: Never, Ever put Spaghettios into any container which is white if you would like to keep it that way. Or maybe I was kidnapped by aliens who are forcing me to update. Sidenote 2: Know what really irritates me? People who Don't fill all the information in on information cards. Especially when they are filling out the card in order to request some catalogue or something be sent to them. This is incredibly irritating when they neglect something like their zip code or their area code. Am I supposed to just Devine what you meant to put there? I mean, I might be psychic, but I'm not that good. Anyway, perhaps I have been replaced by an evil clone which intends to splash my private life across my strictly for fun diary. What do these things have in common? You'd be surprised. The real reason I'm updating of course, is because there is a New Poll. Why else would I be updating? Also, there are previous/new entry buttons near the bottom for you to use. I might move them later if they get irritating there. Or if they seem more conveinant elsewhere. I think I had something else, but I don't remember what it was, so screw it. We will now be bringing our broadcast day to a close. And since no one saw this part of the message anyway due to a stupid error of mine, you can go here as well. I just don't understand that whole Gabber Robot thing. What was the joke? I have to say that I agree with just about everything he wanted destroyed. And it's nice to know that I'm not the only one who thinks Disney is evil.

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