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March 31st, 2001 - Well, there was a time originall

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I'm Tired. Really tired. I'm just doing this b/c I have 98 entries posted thus far and about 10 words staring at me accusingly in my inbox. It's amazing how well they can do that. Especially after you've been awake awhile. My computer wasn't even on for a whole 20 hours or so. It might be a record. Anyway, I think I'll go and put all or nearly all of the words and a couple of the past few days in this entry, and then an entry which actually has original thoughts in it later today. Maybe even sleep first. So yeah...this entry's going to be boring. Yesterday and the day before that were...

March 29 is ....... Festival Of Smoke and Mirrors Day (Hmmm....this sounds fun. The Festival of illusion and trickery. Just hope no one's feelings get hurt.)

March 30 is ....... I Am In Control Day (Ha. Don't I wish.)

So...as I said this one's pretty boring and might not even qualify for diary update status. You might want to stop reading now...(Although I certainly won't be unhappy or devestated if you choose to continue reading...)

The Words of the Days of Yore

unction [n. shun-me-now!]

Unction is a fervent or earnest expression of emotion, especially religious devotion. It can also mean the insincere expression of such devotion. Unction can also mean soothing words or flattery, especially when excessive and insincere.

Unction is also the act of anointing in a religious rite or for medical purposes, or the oil or ointment so used.

In the 14th century unccioun was the word for anointing in a religious rite. The word was borrowed from the Latin unctionem (anointing) from the Latin unct, the stem of unguere (to anoint).

palooka (n. markh-job)

(Sidenote: What, you were hoping for something in alphabetical order or any order at all? Well that was stupid of you.)

1. an inexperienced or incompetent boxer

2. oaf, lout

The origin of palooka is unknown, though various theories have been put forth (some sources credit the baseball player and sportswriter Jack Conway with the coinage, for example). Palooka first appeared in print in 1924, turning up again in 1927 with the spelling variation paluka, which has now faded away again. It's not too difficult to follow the generalization from the "incompetent boxer" sense to the image of a big, clumsy, or slow-witted person. In addition, limited evidence shows that palooka is occasionally used as a general synonym for "rookie" and also as a term describing horses with very little chance of winning. Neither of these senses is well-enough established yet to qualify for dictionary entry, however.

imperious [adj. im-PIR-o-gies]

An imperious person is one who shows arrogant assurance. Such a person may also be described as domineering, commanding, overbearing, lordly, haughty, or arrogant.

Imperious can also mean befitting of one who is of eminent rank or command, one would who expect obedience. Imperious can also mean intensely compelling and urgent.

In use in English since 1541, imperious is a borrowing from the Middle French imperiux. This is derived from the Latin imperiosus (commanding) which was a variation on the Latin imperium (empire).

widget [n. WIJ-it(I don't need to change this...it's funny all by itself.) ]

Widget is a colloquial word that can refer to any gadget or device. Often it is used to mean a random or hypothetical contrivance.

A widget can also mean something considered typical of what a certain manufacturer produces, or an object whose name is not known or cannot be recalled. Near synonyms of this last sense include thing, object, whatnot, doodad, doohickey, and thingamajig.

First seen in English between 1925 and 1930, it is believed that widget was an alteration of the word gadget (first seen in the 19th century and believed to be of nautical origin).

immure (v. ih-MY-DOOR)

1. a : to enclose within or as if within walls b : imprison

2. to build into a wall; especially : to entomb in a wall

Like mural, immure comes from murus, a Latin noun that means wall. Immurare, a Medieval Latin verb, was formed from murus and the prefix im- (meaning in or within). Immure literally means "to wall in" or "to enclose with a wall," but it has extended meanings as well.

In addition to senses meaning imprison and entomb, the word sometimes has broader applications, essentially meaning "to shut in" or "to confine."

One might remark, for example, that a very studious acquaintance spends most of her time "immured in the library" or that "I immures myself in my bedroom every night. This could be b/c of my strong anti-social leanings. Nah. I think I just don't like people. Ha. Like that makes sense."

roseate [adj. ROH-zee-ate-the-zee-bra]

Something that has the pink or light crimson hue of roses could be described as roseate. For instance, birds with a pink plumage are often called roseate. This description is not exclusive to birds however.

Roseate can also mean cheerful or bright. Someone who sees the world through rose-colored glasses has a roseate (overly optimistic) point of view.

The literal sense of roseate was first seen in English in the 16th century. It was derived from the Latin roseus (rosy) from rosa (rose). The figurative sense of roseate began in the 19th century.

jingo [n. JUMP-bee-yotch]

A jingo is someone who is outspoken and belligerent in his or her nationalism, and who tends to favor aggressive foreign policy. Near synonyms include flag-waver, warmonger, ultranationalist, and hawk.

This meaning of jingo is taken from a nationalist rallying call from the 19th century: "By jingo" appeared in a political song supporting the use of British forces against Russia in 1878.

The word jingo is likely an alteration of Jesus. "By jingo" was a strong oath, a way of saying "By God."

prolix [adj. pro-LICKS, PRO-likes, PRO-life]

Prolix means wordy, verbose, or longwinded. A speech in which the speaker rambles tediously or an essay that is excessively long in duration is prolix.

Prolix was first seen in the early 1400s. It comes from the Middle French prolixe, from the Latin prolixus. Prolixus meant poured out or poured forth. The Latin pro- meant forth and the lix related to the verb liquere (to flow).

The Latin verb liquere also gives us words such as liquor, liquid, liquidate, and liquefy.

(ooooh...Me like this word! Umm...juvenile much? Ha.)

You know, if you actually kept reading (or skimmed, or scrolled down to the end just because), you really DO deserve something as a reward. You're not going to get one, but you deserve one. I'm really too tired to think of a reward anyway. It's nearly 3:30 am now. Yippee. Oh yeah...fine. *applause* There. That was your reward...now go and feel special today. See you in the funny papers....well, not if I see you first.

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