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Cannibalism isn't popular, why is that?

March 24th, 2001 - 4:36 p.m.

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Hmmm...wonder how long this is going to take me to write. Took me 20 minutes to start writing. It's closer to 5 now than 4:30. Oh well. I never said I was known for my incredibly short writing times. Just the opposite is probably more likely. And besides, I'm doing other things at the moment...things which require the use of some places I need to be able to get into in order to bring you some of the fascinating things you normally see here. So it's not like I can really write a whole lot here at the moment anyway. Maybe I'll come back to this later. Or maybe I'll just continue babbling. We'll see. I missed writing this yesterday...why, I don't know. I think it was because I actually went to sleep...although it was long after midnight when I did that, so I guess I Theoretically *could* have written a diary entry, but at that point, my computer had no sound and I was afraid it was going to blow up, so I didn't. Anyway, yesterday and today,

March 23 is ....... National Organise Your Home Office Day and National Chip and Dip Day (Ick. I don't think I would've liked yesterday anyway. Taking a day to organize anything just doesn't sound like a fun time to me. And chips and dip doesn't sound all that appealing either. It's not bad, but the tiny good part of the chip & dip is vastly outweighed by the ickyness of the organize your office section.)

March 24 is ....... National Chocolate Covered Raisins Day (yummy. Now that's a Much better prospect. Chocolate covered raisins are better than chip & dip, and not only that, but it's not paired with anything icky, like wash your smelly socks or organize your home office day either.)

I just discovered a news thing I'd saved with the intention of putting some of the snippets in here. I don't know if I did or not, but it would be pretty pointless to do it now, so oh well. I thought it was funny how Dublin cancelled their St. Patricks Day celebrations, but Moscow (with it's whopping Irish population of somewhere around 17) was going to make it a big deal. And the part about Bush was worthy of mockery too, but it's too late now, so never mind. Anyway...

The Word of the Day

peccant (adj. PEH-kint)

1. guilty of a moral offense : sinning

2. violating a principle or rule : faulty

Example sentence: (Deleted for being irritatingly religious and condemning in nature.)

Peccant comes from the Latin verb peccare, which means to sin, to commit a fault, or to stumble, and is related to the better-known English word peccadillo (a slight offense). Etymologists have suggested that peccare might be related to the Latin ped-, pes, meaning foot. A related Latin adjective, peccus, may have been used to mean having an injured foot or stumbling. Whether or not a connection truly exists between peccant and peccus, peccant itself involves stumbling of a figurative kind -- making errors, for example, or falling into immoral, corrupt, or sinful behavior.

Before we get to the rather gruesome news snippets, I'd like to tell you about this guy I saw yesterday. Well, I'm going to tell you about it, whether you like it or not, so I guess that it doesn't really matter. Okay, so yesterday, as I was walking home (Yes, I have to walk just about everywhere, and yes, it Does suck like you think it does), I saw this guy sitting on the corner of the street with a sign and a cup beside him. This isn't too unusual of an occurance...but what the sign said and what the guy looked like struck me. I remember nothing about this guy's face, clothes, features...nothing except his HAIR. It was kinda like a mohawk, only his hair was a line of long blue spikes sticking out from his head. I shudder to think how much hairspray he must use on a daily basis. And blue hair can't be said to be my favorite color...it reminds me of little old ladies. Anyway, the sign said: "Traveling to California, but low on food. Change appreciated." Ummm...excuse me? You're traveling to California and you're still 3,000 miles away, and you've suddenly run low on food? Were you just a very poor planner or what? And not only that...why do poor people always have cardboard signs asking for change? Where do they find this cardboard? And what do they do, carry around permanent markers with them? Or do they make out signs before they get poor, when they still have access to markers & cardboard, in anticipation of the day when they'll need to hold up a sign saying "Help me"? I don't know...do you? And now...the gruesome news snippets.

Book now for the summer 2002 opening of Dracula-land, a $60 million theme park being opened in Transylvania with the backing of Romanian Minister of Tourism Matei Dan. UPI Hears reports the specialty drink will be a Bloody Vlad, slivovitz and tomato juice, after the original inspiration of Bram Stoker's legend, the 15th century Prince Vlad, a.k.a. Vlad the Impaler.

This is just sad. I can't believe they're practically ruining Romania by sticking some trashy vampire theme-park in it. I've never been to Romania, but still...that's just sad. I mean, I'm sure it'll make them a lot of money, but it's still stupid.

A newspaper in the Dominican Republic quotes a survivor from an illegal migration boat that crashed and then drifted for three weeks in the Caribbean saying the castaways resorted to cannibalism to survive. The ship left the eastern resort town of La Romana a week ago en route to Puerto Rico when the onboard engine died. The migrant boat carrying 60 passengers then crashed into a coral reef off Haiti, and drifted for hundreds of miles in the opposite direction before being spotted by navy vessels, the El Siglo reported. Without food or water, only three passengers survived. Carlos Pinacles, 19, told reporters: "Every night someone died and in the morning the others would cut them up."

Ick. That's all I have to say, just ick. At least they waited for somebody to die first. Cannibalism is really rare in our society, isn't it? The only cases I can remember for it are the Donner party and Jeffrey Dohmer. Why isn't cannibalism more popular anyway?

Okay, one last thing. I sincerely hope that this is a joke. If they were serious...they need to get a life. I was amused by it though...maybe you will be too. Oh yeah, it's almost 7 now...did I take long enough?

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